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Ed was walking down the streets of China Town, when he came upon an old antique store. Not having much to do that afternoon he decided to stop in and have a look around. The shop was full of all kinds of rare antique treasures. There on the counter, something that caught his eye. It was a bronze rat about the size of his fist. Standing behind a rat was an ancient Chinese clerk. So he went up to the counter to see what he could find out about the bronze rat.

He said, “Can you tell me something about this rat. I think it is really interesting.” The clerk said, “Ah! So you are interested in bronze rat! It costs $10.00, but the story behind bronze rat costs $10,000.00.”
Ed thought about it for a moment, and then said, “Well I can’t afford $10,000.00. But I really like the rat. Here’s $10.00, and I’ll take it.”

So after making his purchase, Ed left the shop and start walking down the street. He didn’t go very far before he heard a scurrying noise behind him. Looking back he saw couple of rats following him. They disgusted him, but he didn’t think much of it so he kept going down the street. But the noise continued, and as he looked back he saw more rats were following him.

This unnerved him a little, and he started moving down the street little faster. But the further he went, the more rats were following him. So he started to run down the street to get away from all of the rats. But more and more rats started chasing him, until one time he looked back and saw that hundreds of foul, disgusting rats were now chasing him. Now he was scared. He saw San Francisco Bay in front of him and sprinted towards it for all he was worth. And behind him he could hear the noise is of the rats running after him.

Just before he came to the bay he saw a lamp stand that was just in his reach. Summoning the last of his strength, he made a mighty leap and grabbed at the low hanging lamp. He caught it, pulled himself up, and hung on for dear life as thousands of dirty, smelly rats ran underneath his feet, dove into the water, and drowned.

As the last of them ran into the water, he let go of the lamp stand and brushed himself off, thankful to have escaped an unimaginable fate. But then, he looked back up the street and a thought came to him. So he turned around and trotted up the hill to the shop.

When he entered the shop, the ancient clerk and looked at him and said, “Ah! You’ve come for story!” Ed replied, “No, I was just wondering. Do you have something in a bronze politician?”