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Salomon Teneighty differences

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I've been wondering what the differences are between the different Teneighty models. Foil, Thruster, Fly, gun and so on?
If anyone knows a great homepage or just knows the differences you are welcome to tell me
Greetings, Jakob
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Welcome to epicski
Try this homepage, it gives a great overview if you click on each ski:

Have fun searching!
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Foil is the allmountain twin. A great ski for a lightweight or a finesse skier.
Thruster is the original 1080. Great in the park, but not enough backbone for anyone but the tiniest of skiers.
Gun is the fat twin. Great ski for pocket rocket faithful.
Flyer is the cheapo young teen ski. Avoid at any cost.
SPK is the "team" ski. Never skied it or met anyone who has skied it.
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One of my friend rides the SPK's they are very nice. Extremely light and nicely balanced were the terms he used.
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Gun - Successor to Pocket Rocket throne. A "BackCountry" fat[ish] twin, around 90mm at the waist. Known for a newschool generation thing called "backcountry-freestyle".

Foil - All mountain ski, a bit like the Dynastar TroubleMaker, but thicker.

Flyer - Cheap ski, park only, park orientated. A bit like the Nothing-But-Trouble. If you are skiing all-mountain, don't buy. I had a pair of these, but I only used them for urban jibbing, trashing them on rails and stuff.

Thruster - Park-orientated too. Good park ski, can [just about] ski on piste.

The Dumont - Simon DuMont's pro model. I think it is the only wood-core Salomon twin-tip, other than the GNU. Solid, tank. Durable.

SPK - The team ski. Pretty pipe-specific, stiffer than Foil.

The Foil and SPK are good all mountain skis, with a few small differences.

I personally prefer the Dumont out of all of them.
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the Gun is 92(154cm)-101(188cm) in the waist.
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Yeah, I thought it was somewhere around that.

I skied it in 164 I think it was 94 around the waist. I'm sure the 154 was 90mm at the waist. Nvm.

It's basically a backcountry/freestyle ski, but it can be used solely for backcountry purposes I imagine.
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Just bought a pair of the Foils, anyone have a suggestion on bindings?


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