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Skiing on Mt Hood

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If anyone expected a summit trip report sorry didn't get that far..all will be explained....

Got up late, fed the van (2 quarts oil and she will start)....I had heard that palmer was closed, but i hadn't skied in over a week so I went to see what was up...got to Timberline and things became clearer

I've only been up here once before, about the same time of year and there was a whole lot more snow....there is nothing visible below the base of the top chair!

the view south was worth a look with Jeferson, Broken top and the sisters visable in the distance

Un detured a set of hiking....there is a nice road/trail all the way to the top of the lower chair, then there is just unstable piles of pumice, basalt, sh(t and some small snow patches.

At about 7800ft I reached the lower edge of the palmer snofield

Not much to look at anymore.....but I was here to ski, so skins on and up I went. Most of the field was grey ucky snow with suncups like somone had done a realy hard pole plant and stuffed the basket about 10" into the snow...on the far climbers left it was white slush,,this was easier to climb whilst I listend to the snow melting

The top was just shy of 8500 feet. The summit above was guarded by rockfall, and didn't entice me to go any further up. Looking down it didn't appear as bad as I thought.....still wasn't going to be that many turns...

I skied the slushy field, truged down some mud to one of the gullies for a few more turns past a pair of snowboarders playing on a very small jump and almost made it back to the base of the top chair before having to hike out....the hike out gave my the first blister I've had in these boots, shouldn't have slackend my front clips so far!

The ride home was a different story
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sounds like you had a long walk, hope it was fun. This is the hotest and driest I have ever seen Mt Hood get. I hope we get an early winter that stays cold above 3000 feet. We could use a lot of snow and no melt.
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