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Ski Boots NYC

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Anyone have experience with SureFoot in NYC? I live in the city and need to pick up a new pair of boots before the season. I am an expert skiier and have a CMH trip planned in January so I need so time to make sure the boots fit correctly.

Any other suggestions in the NYC area for professional boot fitters? Skiing has left its mark on my feet and I need someone who knows what they're doing.
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Lots of info already here:

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Anyone in and around NYC recommend a good bootfitter?
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Surefoot Boots = $$$

But to trump any and all of these, if you can get to the Philadelphia area, I'd highly recommend Cantman on here. Link, or just search for his username.
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Heino's in Pequannock, NJ(about 20-30 mins from NYC.) Greg and Tony rock!
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Keith at The pro ski and ride at Hunter is really pretty good
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Originally Posted by skidbump View Post
Keith at The pro ski and ride at Hunter is really pretty good
Plus he's a half mile from the hill. see him in the morning mid-week Nov/Dec., ski a bit, see him on leaving, if needed...
repeat as needed, or wanted....
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Where do you ski? And, do you ski there regularly? If you ski Killington for example, there are lots of good fitters there. Stratton has GMOL right on the mountain.
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Is Union County, NJ out of the way? Can hook you up with beds and custom fit. Interested?
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hey and i got grief for a commerial link in my sig????
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