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Northeast Gathering

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Did anything ever get decided, or even semi-decided?
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We need a benevolent dictator.

Somebody just to decide, say "we're going skiing here on this date, whoever can make it, come."

I vote for Tog. Oh yeah right, a vote for a dictator. That's ironic, don't you think.
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Mark, thanks for the vote... but...uh..well...i saw a program on Stalin the other night...
hey, I might not even be able to come...

semi decided?
yes. I think when it comes down to it the "gathering" needs to be in Dec. There can always be another one. I think it should be accepted that it's more a gathering and may not be a "rad" skiing experience. That could be done on a later date. This is because the upshot is southern VT in Dec. and you take what you get. I don't think it's such a big deal if you accept the main reason for getting together is to meet people in a skiing environment.
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No, No you HAVE to come, it would be very, very sad without you!
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you gals and guys can have a second gathering anytime you want. I'm going to try and track down Todd for some skiing when I come out there on the second week of December. I believe Lisamarie is planning on trying to catch us too. If we meet up with more bears that's great . If not, I'll have to wait until some of you get out to Tahoe or some other location.
My schedule is currently to get in early Friday, Dec 7, hopefully there will be snow, either rent or borrow a car from my inlaws and head up to where ever we decide to ski. I'll either get a cheap motel or stay with someone. Probably get gear setup and stuff and plan to ski Saturday, Sunday and maybe Monday. Then head back to Boston to visit with my inlaws for the week and head home Friday. All pending some snow. and weather of course.
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We are doing our Ski Conditioning workshop at Wellspace on the 8th, so I won't be able to do anything that weekend. I am free the following weekend, though. But I think you said you had to go home by the 14th?
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If one of you can change plans that would make a good time...
(actually the race clinic at Stratton ends on the 7th. Hey lisamarie do you have to have that workshop on the 8th? you've got a few months here...)
dchan, if I'm around you could certainly stay with me in Ludlow. <FONT size="1">

[This message has been edited by Tog (edited August 30, 2001).]</FONT>
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Yep. Unfortunately its already in the catalogue. But I've already met a bunch of you lovely gents, so don't plan it around me.

I definitely want to get to Stratton in early season. Based on advice I got from John H, and some folks in my thread in Gear, I need to pay a visit to GMOL.
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I wish I could change my plans but the only way I'm getting away for this trip already is by promising I'll be back on the 15th. It's a big deadline day and someone has to cover the day. Sorry I won't get to ski with you Lisamarie but some other time?

Thanks Tog, I just may take you up on that offer. I'll be in touch with everyone as the time gets closer.
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Maybe we can hook up when you are in Newton. Its just the next town over.
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Just thought of something. If the 8th is the only weekend that works for people, depending on whether we could find a motel that would take us for one night, we could come up on Saturday evening when I finish teaching, and just ski with you folks on Sunday. This would probably only work in the Mount Snow area. Too bad I didn't think of arranging the workshop so that it happens in conjunction with a trip to the slopes!

The other option:
If instructors are coming up for the PSIA workshop in Mount Snow, and if we also find that there is a split between what weekends people can come up, we can do 2 weekends across that time frame, the 8th and the 15th.
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I'm just going to wait until someone decides when/where it's gonna be and then, if it doesn't conflict with anything, I'll show up.
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Hey guys, if you're talking Killington, check this motel out: http://www.ottauquechee.com/

I've stayed there a few times, great place to sleep, and it's about 15 mins from the gondola. There's also a diner next door where we got breakfast for maybe $5.00 last time we were there.
If I can persuade my wife that snow is a good thing, I'd like to go too. If she's not convinced, well, I'll just have to leave her at home.

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