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Binding question

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Hey guys, I was just wondering your opinion on this deal on a set of izor 9:7's. Is it a good buy or should I buy somewhere else and get some nicer bindings?


I am 6'2" and I weigh 140. So, is it a recommendation binding wise, or does anyone know a better deal for a set of 9:7's.
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get some Mojo 15's (Tyrolia) at EvoGear for $149.

Sweet, sweet, sweet binding.

actually, i take that back...a quick scan of EvoGear shows that they sold out over the weekend (they were offering them w/free shipping and they are a popular binding).

If you can find 'em elsewhere, I'd snag a pair.
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I have 2 sets of Atomic neox bindings, never a problem with either the 3.12 or 4.12. From the reviews here they aren't really sexy, but do a good job. May be a bit overweight compared to titanium.
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Wait, the device bindings are the neox bindings or you recommend getting neox bindings? Sorry, but I don't really know if they are the same thing.
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Sorry guys I seem completely like I don't know ski gear , but I have rented for 4 years and decided I should just get a set and I am just getting into actually knowing what I am getting.
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Originally Posted by CrimsonPhoenix View Post
Wait, the device bindings are the neox bindings
No. Quite different.
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so buying the skis from the site and upgrading the bindings would be a good plan pricewise? I can get a set of 07 neox 412 for 190 so 490 for the whole package.
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i wouldn't bother "upgrading" the bindings unless you end up having problems with them. In all likelihood, someone skiing the izor 9:7 is not going to be able to notice a difference in bindings... no offense intended.
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