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Further DVD

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I recently bought the Further DVD and I noticed a couple of parts that are missing from the movie that were in it when I watched the premier last year when TGR was doing their tour. The segement of Dough Coombs with Crazy Train playing in the background and other part that has Jonny Cash playing "Jackson" in the background both appear to be cut out. Anybody else notice this?
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The Coombs segment is the last one (before the credits) on the VHS version -- the song is AC/DC's Back In Black, not Crazy Train. Is that not n the DVD? I'm sure Owens can clear it up.
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WOW! I just bought "Further" last week and now I have to go back and try to figure out who is doing what to which music!!!
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Back in Black is on the DVD, but the two parts I'm talking about are not. If I remember right, a buddy of mine bought the VHS version last year and that was when we first noticed that the segments with "Jackson" and "Crazy Train" were missing comparing it the version showed at the tour premier. Those two songs appear in the credits however of both the DVD and VHS version. I guess they must have decided to cut those two segments when they distributed the movie. Maybe Owens knows why.
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OK - here is the scoop on Further. There are a couple of segments missing from the DVD. One of which is the doug coombs segment with Back in Black. The Jeremy Jones segment with Ozzy is in there, but the song was changed from Crazy Train to Over the Mountain -- both by Ozzy. If you have a VHS version with Crazy Train on it, KEEP IT! It's a collectors item. After we ran the first 3,000 copies of the VHS, we had a major hole in our contract for the use of Crazy Train pop up, and we actually had to stop production and shipping on the video until we could iron it out. After almost $20k in markup on Crazy Train, we couldn't afford it anymore and went with Over the Mountain instead.

As for the missing segments, we had to cut 10 minutes from the movie before we remastered the surround sound. This was due to the fact that we were showing the film at AMC theaters as a regular feature in 40 cites and we had to cut some content to make room for their previews, adds, etc... We couldn't afford to remaster the sound twice, so we were forced to use the AMC theater version for the DVD. We weren't happy about it - but financial realities dictated it. That's why we put Area 51 on the Further DVD as a bonus.

This year the DVD for Mind the Addiction has no missing segments and some really cool extra features like "The Making of Mind the Addiction" and raw headcam footage...

Last year was our first attempt to do the DVD thing. I think we've got it pegged now. All of life is a learning curve.

Hope this answers your questions.

Owens Never Sleeps
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So is TGR gonna have to do the same cutting on DVD version of Mind the Addiction? I just ordered over the weekend. Keep crankin out the great flicks.
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Nope - The mind the Addiction DVD has the whole flick in digital excellence remastered with Dolby 5.1 surround.

Owens Never Sleeps
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Thanks Owen, I figured you'd give me the low down on what went on. On my DVD version I don't have Area 51, but I have some helmet cam footage of Micah, and Jones, and just some extra footage of Nobis. Is this put there instead of Area 51?
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7 Mary 3,
did you get your DVD at Best Buy? i was there the other day, and saw Further and Nurpu and decided to grab Further because it was pretty cheap. i have come to realize that the Further i bought was liscenced by a company called Redline Entertainment which is owned by Best Buy, and seems to offer a marginal catlogue of "extreme" sports titles (double down, kranked, etc...)

from what i can tell though, this is not the same dvd that you would get directly from TGR because it doesnt have Area 51.

also, the video quality is terrible on mine.

Owens, is this a second lame super-commercial version of the Further DVD? or just an earlier release before Area 51 was added?

i guess thats what i get for buying it at best buy and not supporting TGR directly.
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Actually Sundog, I did buy it from Best Buy. I usually pre-order my ski movies everyear from TGR, but I was running low on funds last year and never got around to it. I was walking around Best Buy last week looking at DVD players and I hear music, and I was like, "Hey, thats from Further". So I find this ginormous TV with Further playing. So I went and found the DVD for pretty cheap, but I never thought it would differ from the version TGR put out.
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