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Tyrolia Supercarve plate on FF17 bindings

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hey folks . I was just talking with a shop owner about vist plates and was asked what would be my intended use of the skis ? I like GS type skis but love lift just as much . Now, the shop owner advised me to never put a metal type race plate on any ski if not racing . He loves vist but thinks they stiffen a ski up way to much . His advice was maybe a plastic plate like the tyrolia 13mm which would allow a GS ski to still flex yet give me some lift . I would like to go higher than 13mm and maybe track down a pair of the older Supercarve plates at 23mm . Not sure if that plate would make any differnce on my stockli Cross Pros ( 72 under foot ) or slap them on my new Stockli GS skis when they come out . I know I want a plate but dont want one that will stiffen the ski up .
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The Head i.Supershape skis come with the Tyrolia CP13 plate (and I have the FF14 bindings) and I honestly think they do very little to the ski flex. The binding does float on the plate and I would guess that the plate is designed to:

1) ensure the binding does not create a flat spot on the ski
2) flex with the ski, rather than stiffen it.

Other than the 13 mm height, looks like it is the plate for you.
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The 23-mm Supercarve plate is not a good choice on GS skis. The plate was a hit in the glorious years of extreme/trench carving and it used to occur in a set with the Cyber Space XT/XTi and Cyber Board "funcarvers". The plate offers the height and flex but it´s too soft (too much rubber provides somewhat spongy feeling) and there´s no power transfer on both ends.

It might work on less aggressive and less hardsnow-oriented skis.

Don´t overestimate the stiffness the Vist plates provide. There are models to choose from, the Air Softs or WC Race Duos are no stiff bastards and, if accompanied with a freeflex Tyrolia, they let the ski work accordingly. (Even the Worldcup plates are not that bad if you have the weight and speed.) Don´t forget that today´s skis are softer in flex than those funcarvers the Supercarve was made for.

If you need/want some more height, some sort of spacer/lifter, aftermarket or handmade, is a perfect individual choice. A 5mm piece of plastics put on the standard 18mm WC Duo gets you as high as the old 23mm Superplate without any deformations the rubber of the latter suffers from. (Not that I think those 23mm are necessary etc. but it´s your choice and setup.)
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Have you thought about putting lifters on your boots. I have 5mm of lift on my head RD 96's. I had 8mm of lift on my Salomon X2's.

I had 55mm on my old Atomic 10.50 betarace boots. they were normally 50mm but there were alternative stock heel and toe lugs that made the boot 55mm, not race USSA or FIS legal of course, but neither would most boots wiht any added lift be legal anymore.

If you put the 13mm plate on with 8mm of lift that would give you 21mm of additional lift, closer to where you want to be without adding a big stiff plate.

Also having replacable toe and heel plates is a plus.
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