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That exciting sub-culture of the FIS got you craving for the newest news? Here's what that old white boys club just got done in Portoroz (SLO):


Great news for all you international TD's out there! Your daily stipend has been increased to 100chf! Read it right here!
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Not that it matters to me (I'm a National TD) but what is the CHF going for these days? More than a buck?
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There were two items of some interest, though hardly earth-shaking news:

1 - They finally fixed the WC DH start-order. Not the most major issue in world history, but it is one that people have been whining about for a long time.

2 - The WC schedules, which, however, look fairly similar to every other year's schedules. One significant difference to North Americans: men's and women's races at Whistler (aka "Vancouver") in February.
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Isn't that because of the pre-Olympic requirement?
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1.00 Chf


0.812910 Usd
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Originally Posted by SLATZ View Post
Isn't that because of the pre-Olympic requirement?
I don't know what specific requirements there are, but yeah - presumably they want to run races at Whistler shortly before the Olympics to give the organizers a dry-ish run and the competitors familarity with the mountain, at least for speed events. I expect they'll also be on the schedule for 2008-09.

The races this year are DH and super-combined for men; SG and GS for women.
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Other points of interest:

I see that they have pushed the Val d'Isere mens DH back to February - presumably this will be on the tough Face de Bellevarde course as a pre-Worlds test?

First-ever men's race in Croatia.

The men return to Bad Kleinkirchheim for the first time since 1992.

On the Europa Cup, there will once again be indoor slaloms, at the Landgraaf and Bottrop snowdomes.
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I found the part about recommending back protection in Freestyle interesting - in all discliplines?

And 13 yrs is licensing age for slopestylers. Alpine is currently 15 yrs.

Of note, I've heard FIS has over 200m US in cash assets. $214m rings a bell.... more impressive if it's in euros.
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