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Nastar Clinic

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My girlfriend and me were interested in a NASTAR clinic last week. The snow school didn't seem too sure that this was available, so I left my name and number. GOT A CALL BACK THAT NIGHT. Holly crow, that's great. We hooked up the next day and took a two hour clinic from "Gabe" at Jackson Hole. This fellow was great! Lots of personal feedback, very engaging personality, and more info than I could digest. In two hours!

We stopped by a few days later to see who we could send a note to to commend this clinic forum etc. We were thinking we should point out to the ski school director that at least some visitors value the NASTAR crew and this sort of instruction and, bye the way, in case they don't realize it, they have a great instructor here manning the NASTAR booth and they should try and hold on to this guy. The positive impression he made on us definetly carried over to a positive impression of the ski area overall.

So we stop by a few days later and "Gabe" says that they would appreciate the recognition and a brief note would be very nice. We weren't sure of his name and I had to glance at his name tag. Well, He thanks me by name and says hi to my girlfriend. Boy, that made an impression with both of us. We didn't have name tags!
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Good to hear that someone actually cared enough to send a note to the SS director .... good for you.

That note of praise means more than a $ tip.
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At many resorts (the one I work for included), notes of appreciation result in an employee reward certificate that goes into an annual (season) drawing for some worthwhile gifts. An accumulation of the certificates guarantees some form of reward like a dinner invitation for the employee and spouse as well as inclusion in the drawings. Tips are nice, but the employer doesn't learn about the employee's efforts that way.
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