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Perisher & Thredbo, Australia

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The season kicks off in a week or so over here but it's been snowing since last week and things are looking pretty good.


Perisher Blue

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We had our first real summery day here yesterday. I love the warm weather, but your pictures sure look good. Here's wishing you a great season!
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We don't get many trip reports from the southern hemisphere for some reason. I hope you'll continue to keep those of us in the summer doldrums posted.

Looks like a better start this year.
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I'll keep posting reports and pics throughout our winter.

Last year was a freakishly bad year. This year the weather patterns are much more normal so fingers crossed we get a half decent season.
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awesome. keep posting pix!
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Nice! Keep 'em comin'!
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Perisher and Thredbo are opening tomorrow on a mainly man made base. It's a day earlier than was scheduled so the marketing departments are in overdrive

Perisher will have one lift on Front Valley and Thredbo will have the beginners area, Friday Flat, and the Cruiser, a more intermediate area.

Here's some pics of Thredbo today.

Friday Flat. That snow is all man made. There was nothing there a day ago.

The top half of the hill

More snow is being predicted for next week so with any luck more terrain will open soon.
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Down Undser

Principal Douglas. Thanks for pics, skied Perisher few years back some great runs in the big rocks. Good times and beer in Jindabyne. Hope you have a lot of snow and a great winter in the Snowy Mts.
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Season 2007 Update

This season is turning out to be a good one!

There's been very few fine weather days so far - just lots of top up snowfalls for all the Australian resorts. The current base at Thredbo and Perisher Blue is sitting around about 100cm. This past few days has been about as good as it gets in Australia. 10 to 20cm overnight each night

These pics are all from Thredbo, New South Wales.

More to come...
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God d*** beautiful!
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Here's a few from Perisher Blue today

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I love this one...

Thanks for the shots and keep 'em coming.

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Maybe I should start looking for good airfares to Australia!!!
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Skied Thredbo today and it was awesome. We had close to a foot of fresh on Wednesday and it's stayed cold so the snow is still in awesome condition. Here's some pics

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PD, thanks for the pics. Making me very jealous!
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Gotta love a good Aussie season
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I'm jealous now.

Glad you're having fun.
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A few more from Thredbo today

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Thanks PD, I can now look at Thredbo at two of my favourite websites. We should get Caboose or John Deere to post some of their BC pictures here.

Bob Peters, I promised some BC pictures a while ago. On my first trip to snow this year I tore my calf muscle (before even getting onto the snow). Just about to finish rehab and I'm heading down for a week of play and I promise to post some picture on my return.
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Stop It !!!!!!!!!! &/((&#$%*¡¡][
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Sorry Gpaul, but just remember we have to suffer SDS (while sitting on the beach ) while you are sliding through your winter.
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Originally Posted by Taxman View Post
We should get Caboose or John Deere to post some of their BC pictures here.
Naaa. They're only pics of trees
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#19, Let me guess where the photos were taken:

1. Either Conrod Straight from Sponars, or top of the Basin

2. Merritts Falls near Black Sallee's

3. True Blue/Little Beauty trail split

4. Looking at the Golf Course Bowl and Funnelweb from the village

I've been down for the last 4 weekends and it's the best since 2000. Pity about the r**n today.
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Snow :

Must find some snow
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Just a couple of pictures from last week around Charlotte Pass (from three BC trips). Of seven day’s skiing, three days were freshies and one day wet gloop. No pictures of the freshies as was too busy skiing. In all a great week.

Halfway up Foxhole

Tommy G putting in some telemark turns on the back of Foxhole

Looking towards Perisher

Mt Kosciusko from Stillwell Ridge

Charlotte Pass from Mt Stillwell

Frosty trig on Mr Stillwell

??? Creek, back of Foxhole

Waterfall, back of Foxhole

Guthries from Foxhole

Ruins of Stillwell Restaurant, Ramshead

From Ramshead

Mt Perisher?

It can get icy in the backcountry

Time to head home.
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Great pics Taxman!

Unfortunately the season has pretty much turned to shite. It hasn't snowed properly for a month or so and it's warm. Losing more cover every day....
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Last report for this Oz season. Went BC to avoid the lockdown in Sydney that was APEC last weekend. A 4 days trip out from Guthega which involved a hike and some skinning before setting up camp and heading off to earn some turns.

I won't reinvent the wheel, just give you a link to JD's report posted at ski.com.au: http://forums.ski.com.au/forums/ubbt...1#P ost259959
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