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Two weeks at Copper, two evenings with Bob Barnes & Co.

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We are back after spending two weeks skiing at Copper Mountain and A-basin in sunshine every day. The snow was packed, just the way we like it, though on several occasions we got new snow during the night from 4-6 inches, just enough to make it soft underfoot.

There is an upside and a downside to traveling in our 5th-wheel trailer, 28 footer with a slide out, as far as Colorado from Ohio, it takes two and a half days of traveling each way, but books-on-tape and campgrounds with cable TV at the trailer make it bearble.

The first stop was at the Casino Queen campground in St. Louis where a shuttle picks us up and takes us to the gambling boat, lucky we are not gamblers but the buffet was good.

We were at Tiger Run Campground in Breckenridge with indoor swimming pool and hot tubs, etc.

We had invited Bob and his beautiful bride for dinner at our trailer and by coincidence ran into him teaching a class on the mountain. Dinner was nice and spending the evening with Bob and Susan was great.

The following week Bob invited us to his house for a FEAST, they sure know how to put on a spread.

Also present were mike_m, vail snopro/ric reiter and Tom Burch. We had met Mike before but Ric and Tom were new to us and made me wish that I'd be closer to Colorado to learn from them all, what a great bunch of guys.

After dinner we settled down to view the DVD that Bob put together for the PSIA training and exam, a excellent training tool with a funny original song to boot. Bob should make a career as a photographer and videographer, his pictures are superb, sensitive and have great impact. As have his words, as all of you know.

Both Bob and Ric were examiners at Breck during this time and I don't know where they get the stamina to do that all day and still stay awake in the evening.

Our setup was to ski free at Copper mon-thurs and pay $10 at A-basin anytime but which we did only one day on Friday, so the total lift ticket cost for both weeks was $20.

Rusty Guy was at Copper on Friday when we were at A-basin, Mike offered to ski with us for 45 minutes one day at 9 a.m. which is way to early for us and somehow we weren't able to hook up with Ric the last Friday, his day off and I suspet it was because it was a powder day

Bob was examining at Loveland that week , what a hectic schedule he has. But, we know they are all great skiers and they know we do OK, so socializing was much more fun anyway.

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The instructors at Copper are great... I met several and all were pleasant and very eager to see that you have a great time [img]smile.gif[/img] I'm not sure if I met Bob or not, I met several in a few minutes and it seems one was named 'Bob' tho the name is common. I met a Mike, Lyle, DeeAnna, and a few others [img]smile.gif[/img]
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The evening we spent with Ott and his lovely wife was one I won't forget soon!

In the comfort of Bob and Susan's home, I had the opportunity to visit with one of the most interesting Bears from EpicSki that I've yet to meet!
The conversation ranged freely, from the latest goings on at Epic, to current PSIA doctrine, to technique. But the best was just the stories we all had to tell, which led to more and more.

Interupted only by Susan's marvelous dinner (including Bob's original Maine Lobster Stew), the evening flew by so fast. It wasn't long before the hour was late, and time to retreat to our respective abodes.

Unforunately, Ott, I ended up having to work that Friday. But I am really looking forward to the day we will get to ski together.

It was an extreme pleasure to have met you and your wife, and I look forward to the opportunity to have you visit in Vail soon!

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ahh, that's where Ott was. I was wondering about his not posting...
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You were in the best of company, Ott, and vice versa!

That's what life is all about....cheap lift tix!
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