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A Face Only a Baby Could Love

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Continuing in my newfound tradition of posting photos of baby critters from the Jackson Hole region...

While fishing a couple of days ago, I came upon this mama moose and brand new twins. Luckily, there was a 40-foot wide stream between me and them.

Here's mama having a discussion with the kids, probably something along the lines of "Don't talk to that weird-looking thing on the other side of the stream":

And here's one of the babies immediately ignoring mom's advice and walking toward the stream to investigate me:

Cute little buggers.
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Thanks for the great pictures Bob...


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What fabulous photos. I'm dying to check out Jackson Hole, any time of year. I hope to make it to a women's ski camp during one of the few next winters. I would like to improve my skills a bit so I can get more out of the mountain. I turn 50 in 2009 and am thinking this will be a great way to celebrate (after all, I hear 50 is the new 30....)
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Wow. Brand new little mooses! Great Bob, thanks.
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Cute twin meese! You're lucky Mom didn't try to scare you off with a trampling of your bod under hoof.
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Those babies actually look sorta cute, although I can't believe I'm saying that about a moose.

The mama, however, makes me glad I own guns. Moose frighten me.
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psst, don't let Yuki see these.
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Originally Posted by Lucky View Post
psst, don't let Yuki see these.
YUKI???? How about Mainiac????? He loves wild veal!!!!! However, i think they're both busy figurung what to do with hogzilla.....

BTW, Bob, great pics!
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The good, the cute, and the ugly.

Nice pics Bob
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Moose Makeout Secrets

In the 70's I spent a summer working for the Forest Service surveying for logging roads outside of West Yellowstone. I met a guy there who was doing research on moose mating habits. He claimed to have shotgun mike recordings of moose having sex and said the females made strange giggling sounds the whole time. I've always been kind of sorry I never took him up on his offer to listen to the recordings. So if you ever need some moose trivia, you can be assured that those little mooselettes in the pictures undoubtedly started with a few giggles.
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