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Kobe Bryant Wants Out

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Lose him like the flu, retool the machine, start from scratch.


Jerry West says he's retired but this would be a good time to bring his vested interest back into the Lakers front office, if West is at all interested. Probably not but I'd love to be wrong.

At any rate, opportunity sometimes disguises itself as a problem. Kobe has talent that nobody can match, and that's great and enough if you're playing singles tennis.

This ain't that.

The door's right behind you, Kobe, watch it on your way out.
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Damn!!!! The Lakers are so much more fun to root against with Kobe on the team.
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haha, it seems like kobe can't go to the bathroom these days without causing some fuss!
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Originally Posted by almosthome View Post
haha, it seems like kobe can't go to the bathroom these days without causing some fuss!
Yep, its slow news time for basketball writers. Here's another good dig at Kobe:

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"Great players are supposed to endow the players around them with greatness. Kobe Bryant does not. While James is about winning, Kobe is about Kobe."


besides which, if you're gonna throw a public tantrum, do it in the off-season, NOT when the NBA season is at its height and doing great without you.

better yet, just...go...away.
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There's been some idle mention of Kobe coming to Detroit the last couple of days. I'm quite sure it won't happen but geez it sends (bad) shivers up my spine. I'm a life long Piston's fan and I really don't know what I would do if Kobe became the focus of my team and a representative of my state. I think I might have to give up the NBA for a while.

There are players that you just hate when they are the opposition but you love them when they're on your squad. I don't think I could summon any love for Kobe.
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