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Snow has started in Oz

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Our season is on track, after the Indian Summer from hell (to a skiier). Started snowing yesterday and continues today. The official opening weekend is the Queen's Birthday long weekend on June 8th, so anything before that is a bonus to us.
This is the main snowcams site
NSW and Victoria are the 2 states that have alps and resorts.
This is kind-of like snow in late October for you lot!
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That's great news! Hope you have a good season.

Hey, how about this for next year... A summer (Northern Hemisphere) bears gathering Down Under?

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"WTFH Come on down!"

Yeah it's getting quite cold down here. Sorry Ant but I'm willing it across to the other side of the Tasman.
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Pete, I'd love to, but unless you ever do the London route, and could get me on a jump seat, I think it's out of the question this year!

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Yep Ant...just watching the Wagga radar....here Huey comes again!!!!

The next three days should put some base on the ground which seems to have frozen after the rain....(up there...but bloody cold in my back yard (bringing in washing bare feet)...)

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Sounds good Ant--especially after the snowless season you just suffered through at Keystone. You deserve it!

Now go ahead--tell us all about it. Let us ski vicariously through your posts. Make us suffer....

Have a great season!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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WTFH sorry can only solve half that problem for you. I must admit I stay well clear of London during the winter but it should be getting a bit better up there by now.

Enjoy the pints outside!


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It's still looking great! I am so pleased, it did not look promising just a week ago, and then the guys on ski.com.au began going ballistic as a dirty big bunch of fronts appeared out of nowhere and the charts updated. Wow. For once they were ALL in agreement! (I love weather, one of my little obsessions).

if you look at that snow cams link I posted,
Thredbo looks all white, which is unusual even in Winter, as the village is quite low. (It's also the most beautiful alpine village we have).


Last night (saturday night) my house was blown and shaken by horrific winds and pelting rain, and it was so cold (having trouble getting my stupid wood heater going properly, i hate that thing!).

Today is classic snow pattern weather, alternate sun and then rain, and gusting winds. Some of the snowcams are all iced up. It might snow in the Canberra range, The Brindabellas.

I may take the teles up this week!

Pete, you know the rules: if we get snow, the Kiwis don't. Serves them right, too.
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Originally posted by skimoore:
...but bloody cold in my back yard (bringing in washing bare feet)...)
Show off. My clothesline is in a heap on the ground, father hastily removed it when bulldozer came out in January to do some 'landscaping'. Looks like a quarry...
And going in bare feet there means getting Roo Poo between your toes. Yuck.

I might get snow tonight! In which case, I have some good blue runs on my place. And even a black...camera is loaded.
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47 more days till i hit the slopes! (plus a 17hr bus trip but hey, i'll ignore that for now)

Certainly looking to be a better season than last year...thanks for the cam links Ant
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I'm excited.
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Hmm, may have to ski in Oz ... VISA card loaded and ready, better up the limit [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Ant, just wait another week and NZ will be singing
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I've skied OZ, boring! Why do you disparage NZ, it's a far nicer country
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wooo hooo I return to Oz on June 1 ! ohh let is snow, let is snow

promised to take my Mum out skiing this year. Haven't skied with her in about 4 years, its motivated her to get to the gym and prepare herself..yippeee can't wait to see her out on the slopes again..shes oh so graceful.
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Wow, look at Guthega! It's been at-it for a few days now, this is the front of the pub. Our lodge is a few doors down and has a similar view.
look at how deep the snow is, you can tell from the skidoo tracks (the boys at the pub are total hoons and have probably been out on those things since daylight).


This is truly phenomenal. It's turning from a nice early snowfall to a real dump.
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Yeah it's looking good Ant. BTW do they ever open early when conditions are good? I haven't seen how much longer this is expected to go for, but it's beginning to look like genuine cover. A few more days of this and ... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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yup, they opened early in 2000, was great for us locals! snowmaking at some resorts starts tonight, to consolidate what's fallen. It's still going! We have snow on the Brindabellas over Canberra, too, and people are skiing up at Mt Franklin. People today are reporting the snow's about knee-deep at some resorts.

Hotham have already announced that they will be opening a few lifts soon, and others are bound to follow. I remember in 2000, most of PB's seasonal staff hadn't arrived yet, so the mountain ops manager was out in the carpark, directing traffic. Other very important people were pulling T bars.
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Thanks Ant, may see you down there real soon by the sounds of it then. I guess they announce they're open on their web sites (feel free to PM me if it's done on the sly)

BTW you asked about my skis, Volkl P50 SLs
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Yep Oz is looking good. Guthega gets the first and best. I spent 9 years working at Guthega and it still rates the best ski\work environment for small resort freedom I have come across. Lets hope the next low on the map stays cold and dumps some more. These early season weather patterns can be agony (rain) and ecstasy (snow).

The surf is dead flat in the central coast as the cold westerly blows the waves offshore to NZ. This is a sure sign of snow and winter. The ski is that clear winter blue and the light sharp and defined.

I will be in Thredbo\Perisher\Jindabloodybyne around the 21st July for my Lev III recall .... anyone in for a Bounding Bears ski\drink???

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Guthega started to suffer when The Merge (takeover) happened. They milk it for racing, teaching and everything else. I won't see it this year, sadly.
Dunno where I'll be, yet. Maybe Selwyn!

Clear, sunny and windy in Canberra today ,but it's still snowing away up in the mountains. The Guthega cam is amazing today, I have not seen anything like it in ages.
They got some rain in the Vic alps, but it turned to snow again. Selwyn's been grooming, too.

What's level III recall?????

[ May 20, 2002, 08:14 PM: Message edited by: ant ]
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This is looking more and more like 2000, when we got early snowfalls in May, including falls in Canberra one weekend. It was the Super 12 final between the ACT Brumbies and Canterbury Crusaders and it snowed and sleeted during the game! The same teams are playing next weekend in the final in Christchurch so maybe there will be a repeat there!

Snowcams today looking pretty good with 25cm plus at Perisher and Guthega looking very wintry indeed.

Hey Oz, welcome back to Copa-sorry the surf is no good. Talked to Matt Smith in Sydney on the weeken who taught me in Whistler this year and who is off to Thredbo after a few weeks in the Sydney surf. Do you know him? (APSI examiner etc)

Good luck on the Level 111 recall (WTH?) :
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21st July ... hmm, maybe. Ski club races up there at that time so should be there.

They've had 25cm? Wow, it didn't look that much. Bring it on!!
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First major snowfall is predicted for the Southern Alps in NZ tomorrow (Thursday). Have not had anything signficiant yet.
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Ah, that'll be why ours are petering out. It seems that if we get snow, you lot don't, and vice-versa. They reckon our next significant fall is just around opening weekend (Queens Birthday, June 8th).

Then again, this lot popped up out of nowhere, so who knows?!

When do the Kiwi fields open?
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No one has even tried to predict dates. Treble Cone is usually not ready to open until late June, was about 23 June last year. Coronet and Hutt open sooner with man made snow if it gets cold enough to make snow. We have had some cold days but we get quite a few mild ones in between. There have been ducklings and daffoldils in Christchurch, has been such a mild autumn that Mother Nature is confused and thinks it is spring.
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hi Julie - I'll be skiing in NZ from July 4th. What do you think the snow will be like then?
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I've been breaking out in a cold sweat every time I visit the nzski.com site and look at the piles of dirt. Now end of May and Hutt has absolutely nothing. Good to see this should all change in a few days at last.
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Here's a Kiwi live update (well it just appeared in my email box and wasn't there 5 minutes ago!) from a mate at Porter Heights.

We had about 10 cm of snow last night, it came with a lot of wind (Mt Hutt had 2 metre drifts on their road & we had about a metre in places) had to start up the grader & go for a spin down the road. I'm guessing that Coronet has started snowmaking, Mt Hutt has. We are planning to start late next week. Freezing level is likely to stay around 1300 for the next few days, so that should give some reasonable temps.

More snow is predicted for monday too!
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Well overnight in the SI of nz snow fell, 10 to 20 on the main fields in canty & further south. Mt Hutt & coronet Peak have started up their systems. Some more snow may fall on monday as well.

And there is now way that we are going to let the ozzies hog all the snow.

Also Crusaders play the brumbies on saturday night. NZ vs Oz in rugby. It might be a bit cold for the ozzies.
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argh! next time, post report before you email me, yer pillock!

when we flog the Croosayders, you have my permission to make inroads on this season's grog supply. You forget, the Brumbies are from Canberra, and it snows here.
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