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Mammoth 5/27/07 last weekend

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So on a whim I decided to go to Mammoth for the last weekend, after Dookey made the suggestion here. On Sat at 4:30 am I loaded up the car with skis, 2 beagles ,the wife and other stuff and headed to Mammoth via Tioga pass.

We arrived Mammoth motel 6 at about 12:30pm, checked in then up to the mnt.

After a couple drinks on the deck, here is a view of Broadway.

We headed back to town and had dinner at Angels BBQ. Wow! I have never seen beef ribs that size. We have been eating on them for 3 meals.

Sunday headed to the lodge at 7am for a fine breakfast then onto the first gondola at 7:30. Exited at midway and took chair 3 to the first run of the day. This is the exit to the west.

The snow was very firm and I decided to pass on the Cornice for then.

I skied off chair 3 and then headed down to chair #1 for a few runs till the snow softened up a bit. Top of chair 1.

And a few skiers off of #1.

The view from #1 of the Mineretes was awesome.

All in all a good last day. Minimal damage to my new snoop Daddys.

Looking forward to next year. IS IT SNOWING YET?
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It'd be nice if they had some snow to go with that dirt. Coverage was way better last July.

Glad the Snoops survived.
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Despite of a crappy season you still have something!
Glad you had a great time schralping all this gnar! xD
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Nicely done trip report, and good to hear you had a fun time. With Tioga Pass open, half the fun is in getting there. Looks like the California skiing is officially on summer break!
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how ironic is it that the guy who suggested heading to Mammoth bailed?

i sadly got sick and had to cash out. i ended up buying 2 helmets, another pair of skis, and some bindings instead.

glad Mark made it down, though, even if it was to ski on way more dirt than there was at the Maggot Mammoth Mini at the end of April!

Mark actually called me on Saturday and was talking about how all the shops were practically trying to give away their equipment.
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