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Spring skiing ROCKS!

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Literally? Figuratively?

Had sooooo much fun bashing the soft bumps this weekend! Didn't even gouge the p-tex!

Oh, and if you take the x out of xtreme skiing, what do you get?
Stream skiing!

P.S. this is not an invite for you western folks to brag about all your new snow, BTW... [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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OK...We won't.
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marta, it was nice to be able to ski without having to be all covered up. Yes the bumps were fantastic. Even Sunday afternoon you could find soft snow.

Where did you ski? I was at Okemo.
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Mountain Creek. Half of it is now closed, some of the tops of the trails were completely bald. BALD!! And today it's snowing, go figure.

uh, "thin cover" signs stuck in the middle of mud really should read "no cover"
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How were the bumps at Okemo Max?

Which runs?

I'll eiter be at Okemo or Sugarloaf this weekend.

I heard Sugarloaf was like a sheet of ice on Sunday.
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Not sure about Sugarloaf, but SundayRiver has been in great shape. I'm heading out for some turns on Wednesday and I can't wait.
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Nice and soft on Saturday, I skied Sel's Choice from 11:45 to about 1PM. The bumps on Black out looked to deep for me. Friends said Punch Line on the South Face was also a lot of fun. Upper Lime Light looked big and spacious from the Solitude chair. I stayed off Nor'Easter because I didn't feel like skiing around in the Terrain Park on Lower Nor'Easter. Chief was close for the J1 races. Lower Tomahawk is still nice small if uneven bumps for us beginners. The crowd was small, the AM mist/fog kept most people away and a lot of people left before the clear snow ended. It actually turned out to be a EPIC day, Sunglasses and a fleece. Sunday I thought would be death cookies, but once again Okemo great grooming crew did a fantastic job. The snow was firm but carveable when the strong March sun came out, late morning, the snow soften up nice. The Patrollers did a good job of marking the areas you have to becareful of. Remember we haven't had to much snow since December. They'll be blowing snow tonight and most of the week so the weekend should be, dare I say, EPIC.
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Originally posted by Scalce:
How were the bumps at Okemo Max?

Which runs?

I'll eiter be at Okemo or Sugarloaf this weekend.

I heard Sugarloaf was like a sheet of ice on Sunday.
I was at Sugarloaf all weekend with the Boston Ski Club. Saturday it was 40 something, with about a half-hour of rain in the morning. Nice spring skiing -- the rain kept most people away. The cover looked pretty good, and I was roaming all over the mountain. There are definitely some bare areas though, but you could always see them coming and steer around them. I skied a couple bumps -- some rocks in the troughs, but nothing too bad (you could plan around them).

Sunday was somewhat different. It froze overnight, temps were in the 20s, and lots of death marbles. The snowfields were just a sheet of blue ice -- it was glistening in the sunlight. Looked like a couple hundred foot high diamond. It actually hurt to look at it. Needless to say, they're closed. You definitely had to pick your spots on the open trails, but it was certainly edgeable. i.e., serious hardpack, but I wouldn't call it ice. The bumps looked like Pierre would have loved them -- just blocks of ice, so I stayed out.

They had the snowguns blasting again on a couple trails Sunday (Tote Road, Hayburner, Kings Landing, that general area). Given that the groomers only had a few hours to work the mountain, I thought they did a wonderful job. I was pretty sure it was just going to be like skiing on coral reefs, but it wasn't anywhere close. Give them a few more days and I think Sugarloaf will be fine by the weekend.
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I dig the spring slush, its fun. Its great to be riding on 7' of soft snow in 60 degree sunshine! It hasn't reached those temps yet, but by June it nice and warm and still lots of snow. Hiking in the summer fun, but since I've been married w/kids those days are far fewer then in the past.
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For any of you southern NE people, you should know that Wachusett has awesome conditions. I drove up after work for some night skiing, and I'm so glad I did -- packed powder, and given that it snowed some today, too, some powder. It's the best stuff I've skied on in weeks!
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