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Ankle Spran Recovery time

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My skis caught on a mogul one ski binding was released, the other did not, I was falling forward, leg was straight, so before the binding was released, I felt a pull in my ankle. It was too late, the ankle was spraned. At the beginning it hurts a lot, went to the orthropedics and he said 6 weeks. 6 weeks have past, I can walk and excecise very well except:

1. I still feel sore when I walk down stairs. Sore Intensity 1-2.
2. If I sit on the injured foot, I still feel it.

Based on your experience, how long do I have to wait until I am 100%? or should I go back to the doctor.

2nd question, was theDIN on the binding too high that causes the problem, or my boots were too large, too soft or I did not tie down too hard?
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What grade tear was the sprain? A sprain is a tear. They are either 1,2 or 3. (3 is the worst) They can take a long time to heal. Are you doing any strengthening excercises? hopefully, you are not using a brace or are on crutches, this will just prolong the healing. I had a 3rd degree tear and it took several months to heal. It wll be sore for some time. I never sit on my feet so I can't comment but I would think having all your weight on your ankle would not be good.
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If it was a grade 3 sprain it can take months to be back to "normal", especially if the sprain was high on your ankle. You should be doing lots of stretching and also strength building exercises if it doesn't hurt while exercising. Adding some strength in your ankle area will keep everything tighter and will give you confidence on the ankle again. Stretching will maintain your flexibility and allow your ankle to move through it's complete range of motion.

This advice comes from much personal experience. I play volleyball and have had more sprains than I can count over the years. I now wear active ankle braces when I play indoors and haven't had a sprain in 10+ years.

Sounds like your binding did what it was supposed to and prevented you having a nasty fracture by releasing and you "only" getting a sprain.

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I had a grade 2 sprain two summers ago ... I played a doubles tennis match 6 weeks after (with a brace). I wore the brace for about 6 months, just for prevention. I don't remember very much pain after I started exercising again; I might have had a little, but not enough to prevent my doing what I wanted.

I also broke the medial malleolus at the time, and that did give me some discomfort for a few months. Not bad, but if I ran more than a few steps on a hard surface, it would hurt a little. ie, I was able to play tennis, because it's not a continual run, but if I ran 50 yd or so straight ahead, it would start to ache.

Anyway, I went through physical therapy and all that, everything has been absolutely fine. I don't even know that I've ever injured it. During pt, the physio did a Mulligan procedure on my ankle that resulted in IMMEDIATE relief of some discomfort. It has something to do with the position of the fibula, I think, and is supposed to return your leg to its pre-injury position, thus mitigating against chronic sprains. (ie, the forces the result in the sprain have moved things around in the ankle, leaving it less stable and leading to continued weakness even after the ligaments have healed -- that's my layman's understanding, at least).

I highly recommend looking into Mulligan technique, from my own experience.
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My husband did this a little over two weeks ago, refused to have it checked by a physician, and is still whining about it.
This pic was taken after one week.
I'm guessing he actually broke it, but we'll never know for sure. He will heal eventually.
I wonder who he thinks is going to take care of him when he's old and crippled..............Hint, I'll be skiing
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Thanks for the inputs. I am not sure how to grade spran level, but after two months, I can excercise again, some times with pain. I was on mountain bike in Alaska and it did bother me a little. I felt sore after the ride and when I walk, I can still feel it. I guess I am on the way to recovery...

I am wondering the braces mentioned here if it is called air spray(spran?) braces? My Orthpedic told me it will help reduce discomfort, but the ankle will heel in its own speed with or without the braces.
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My wife tore some ligaments in her foot when she slid of a Bosu ball and just rode the foot to the floor instead of trying to jump off. That was about a year ago. She spent several months wearing a rocker boot the podiatrist prescribed from bedside to bedside with it off only to shower. Then she wore it whenever she was going anywhere not on a smooth floor. We wondered whether we'd have any ski time together, but it turned out she could tolerate about two days a week without suffering afterward. A week ago she went for a 30-mile bike ride (smooth surface trails), and was sore again the next day. Generally, she's OK unless she tries to run, spends a lot of time on her feet without rest or does something that focuses pressure on the foot like using a bicycle pedal. We didn't go out west when skiing ended here this year because she could only ski once every three or four days. It's a slow heal for a serious injury that all too many folks (Trekchick's hubby) ignore. Hey Trek, that bruising means he tore tissues above the ankle. And what's that ugly thing on the back of the heel? Must be bad ski boots, eh?
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Originally Posted by Kneale Brownson View Post
It's a slow heal for a serious injury that all too many folks (Trekchick's hubby) ignore. Hey Trek, that bruising means he tore tissues above the ankle. And what's that ugly thing on the back of the heel? Must be bad ski boots, eh?
Those lines in his ankle are actually the screws from his Tib Fib fracture 4 years ago. He was dirtbiking when he did this so I am assuming that his dirt bike boots, and the tree he hit have something to do with the odd bruising.

Can you tell by my casual manner, that I'm entirely too "used to" his injuries?
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Originally Posted by Kneale Brownson View Post
... It's a slow heal for a serious injury that all too many folks (Trekchick's hubby) ignore. ...
This is so true (Trekchick's hubby aside ... I won't get personal ). In fact, I had to practically beg my doctor to give me a physical therapy referral. He had "decided" that I could rehab on my own. I had never had an ankle injury before, and the last thing I wanted to do was screw up and end up with a chronic problem. (And this is one of the top ortho places in Denver, with plenty of professional sports team doctors and the like.)

As I said earlier, I credit my physio with fixing me as good as new.
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