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Well, now that a hint of winter is in the forecast, I'd best come clean. I've been harboring these secrets since I first began lurking and occasionally posting here at EpicSki, and I feel that it's best that I confess now, before the season gets into full swing. I don't want any skeletons to surface later on should I decide to run for Governor or something of Utah. So please (ahem) bear with me while I dabble in some "mea culpa."

1. I have purchased 20 or so skis during my lifetime of skiing, and yet (and this pains me to say) . . . I have never once demo'd one pair! Please forgive me . I've enjoyed every ski I've owned, beginning with that 205cm Continental ski with Cubco bindings, but I've just never worried about skiing on a ski prior to purchase. In the old days, there weren't demonstration models. Didn't need 'em. You bought a slalom ski if you liked to turn on the hard packed, or a GS ski if you liked softer snow. Now, it's primarily a matter of cost. I'm fortunate to have been associated with various ski retail jobs over the years, and I've based my decision strictly on which ski is the least expensive. Whichever ski manufacturer can give me the best price, I buy that company's ski model which fits my ski style, demo be damned. I'm sorry.

2. I last took a ski lesson in the winter of '62. There, I said it. I'm not proud of it, but it's a fact. Could I use a lesson, or twenty? Absolutely. I would like nothing better than to join the Academy, or some steeps camp, or just get a private on some big mountain. But I won't do it, at least not now. "I have the inclination, I have the wherewithal, but unfortunately, I simply don't have the time." (apologies to all you John Wayne fans of The Cowboys)

3. I have skied Vail and actually . . . (gulp)enjoyed myself. I mean, who wouldn't have a fantastic time ripping the back bowls on the second week in April with 9 inches of fresh snow? And for that matter, I've enjoyed skiing at Park City, Beaver Creek, and even . . . Deer Valley. Which leads me to my next confession:

4. I have been able to ski at Deer Valley and not be offended, annoyed, put-off, or slighted by any skier because of his or her ski outfit. Most of the time, I don't notice the difference between a Bogner and a Carhart.

5. Finally, I have to admit that I have committed the nearly unpardonable sin in many Bears eyes: I have actually opted to NOT ski on marginal days! I know, I know . . . I can't call myself a skier and not ski on whatever snow and in whatever weather is available. 30 degrees below zero Fahrenheit? "Suck it up!" they say. I would rather stay by the fire and read a book. Boilerplate? "Sharpen the edges and go!" they cry. I respond with a derisive laugh, opting for a jog. Slush? Well, actually, if the sun's out, I'm game for this one. But the point is, I am selective of my days. Storms, chop, crud, powder up to my nose - I'm there! But on certain other days, I may decide to take in a matinee movie with my wife and daughter.

So there you have it. Sins all. If it is in you to grant absolution, fine. If not, at least my conscience is clear.

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Bill, that's great I'm glad you can enjoy and will continue to enjoy this sport. Isn't it great that we all get along, and can play well with others.

I have a engineer buddy who still skis with rear entry boots and older shaped skis, I might add without poles. He enjoys his day's spent in the bumps. We have gotten to ski with poles for a couple of runs. With poles he skis well, by our terms. But he would still rather ski without poles. That's fine. He's out to have a good time, like the rest of us.

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Wonderful post!! Can I ski with you?
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I'm generally broad minded [shut up, Bears, you know what I mean] and I'm willing to accept most of what you say, Bill. But jeezum crow! NOT DEMO SKI'S?!

I demo skis. Of course, I don't have to. I really don't feel any actual NEED to demo skis. I can quit any time I want.

Other than that blasphemy, Bill, nice post! Thanks!

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Well Bill,
Since it is time to "fess up", I guess I need to say the following:

1. I took ski lessons when I first started to ski, mid-60's and never took another lesson until I was in College and found out that I could get PE credits for skiing. I enrolled myself in a beginner's class...unfortunately, the instructor turned out to be one of my former skiing pals from my home town area. I took a lesson, actually an IT course in the mid-80's and various clinics that are geered at instructing lower levels but haven't taken any to improve my own skills since (other than a couple NSP S&T clinics). It's time for one, so I am going to the ETU.

2. I too have never demo-ed a ski. Most of my early skis were family or friend hand-me-downs. Since I have been buying NEW skis, I have relied on what others have told me about a ski and advice I had received when purchasing them...In most cases this worked...I've only gotten 1 pair of bad skis. I plan to demo for my next pair though...things have changed so much.

3. I have only skied in New England, well, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts anyhow.

4. Enjoying myself while skiing is one of the most important things to me.

The main thing is that you enjoy skiing! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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tsk, tsk, tsk, Bill Emmett. And you call yourself a human being.

With those kind of confessions, you could become President. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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I think you're a daft bastard. And a heretic.

Apology NOT accepted.

[ October 27, 2003, 05:54 PM: Message edited by: Xdog ]
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way to go bill, I wanna ski with you sometime too! (running for president wouldn't be a bad idea, since you stick up for what you beleive in)

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Hi Bill,

As we have skied and hiked together I am not at all surprised by your post. By the way, for those who don't know Bill it's a lesson in itself to ski with Bill for a day. And in spite of his protestations seems to like just about any kind of snow as a fond memory of a day at Snow Basin with him, Bob Peters, and a few others seems to recall.

Hope we get to ski together sometime this winter. Any chance you might show up at the Jackson Hole gathering in January?

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Mr Emmet forgot one of his accomplishments, He is the advisor the "unofficial" Logan High school ski club [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Well written enjoyable post. You're forgiven.
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Originally posted by Bill Emmett:

1. I have purchased 20 or so skis during my lifetime of skiing, and yet (and this pains me to say) . . . I have never once demo'd one pair! Please forgive me




How can you join in the spirited give-and-take about the sucky nature of foam-core skis if you never demo?!? How can you pontificate about the subtle differences between ski models if you never demo? You really are a heretic. What's worse, you actually seem to revel in your heresy.

The only reason I *might* be inclined to forgive you is that I've demoed more than enough for both of us.

As for ski lessons, if I could ski like you I wouldn't bother with lessons either.

Any chance you'll come up to the Gathering?

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