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John finishes a long day of cargo runs, goes over to his mistress' apartment, where she has prepared a great dinner, a bottle of wine and evening of passionate sex. Well, John falls asleep (that's what men do after sex) and doesn't wake up until 0200.

He panics and drives home trying to think of something to tell his wife. About half way home he reaches into his flight bag and pulls out his O2 mask and puts it on, pulling the straps as tight as he can.

He walks in the door to a very angry woman who says "Where the hell have you been?". He says "I stopped by at my mistress' apartment, had a night of great sex and fell asleep, I came home as soon as I woke up".

Looking at the marks the O2 mask left on his face she says "Don't lie to me, you worthless SOB, you've been out flying that airplane of yours, admit it"