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Nederland would be my choice or possibly Ward
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That's allright we wouldn't require the medical services of a trailer livin' swamp buggy drivin Floridian. If you would like to further your knowledge of Canada, rent Strange Brew, Meatballs, and Canadian Bacon. :
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Best skiing on a consistant basis is around Salt Lake City. Post 2002 winter Olympics it will experience a surge of growth. Best snow on earth they say, and the world's largest interior salt body of water,the Great Salt Lake, thoguh I understand it can have a pretty pungent and rancid smell in the summer.

Your skills will be needed there, and the cost of living isn't out of sight, yet.

There are mountains in Utah high enough to escape the very dry and sometimes oppressive valley heat of the summers.

Another thought not mentioned by Nordthe Barbarian is Sante Fe New Mexico.Great ski hill nearby, and not all that far away from other skiing mecas.

No ocean. If you want the ocean, and the mountains with excellent skiing possibilities, then it is the Pacific northwest. The downner, is the number of grey rainy days.

There in all likely hood is no "perfect" location, so make a list of prioritized characteristics of what you want, and then make the best possible choice based on your list of ranked priorities.

Have a 2nd and third choice so if the job situation isn't what you want in choice #1, you have other choices remainig.
Good luck and remember...
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Hey BnneJ1! I understand your misunderstanding of Canada. I thought that in Florida the sun always shone, and every one there was a fat-ass waddler with an RV, an IQ equal to their shoe size, and a six-gun strapped to their hip. Then I went there in June and experienced rain like I've NEVER seen in the Northwest; bouncing 2ft off the ground, cars stalling in the puddles, lightning, waterspouts, howling wind. After a week of that, we arrived back home to sunny skies and 75degF temps, just like when we left. We were so messed up by the experience, we had to chill out a couple days later by skiing in our shorts on the Blackcomb glacier before stopping to do some evening scuba diving at Porteau Cove on the way home that day.

C'mon up & take a look around, eh?
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You Canadian's are WAY too serious! Lighten up! Think of it this way... at least you don't have to worry about planes crashing into your major cities or getting anthrax in the mail
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Nurses in Vancouver make $32.42 an hour (Canadian). So you might not want to move there. http://www.canoe.ca/Health0108/08_bc2-cp.html

Vancouver and Whistler are great places to go if you're from Seattle or Bellingham. Seattle lots of jobs, expensive housing bad traffic to work and to ski areas. Spokane/Coeur d'alene has Schweitzer and a couple of other local ski areas. Plus its not too far from Red Mountain, Fernie and other BC areas.

I would suggest Bozeman MT but it has a nursing school at the University, so jobs are probably real hard to get. Real good climbing there.
Missoula Mt is a great town with a regional hospital but local ski area is at low elevation and absolutely suffers in low snow years. Big Mountain and Silver Mountain aren't far away though.
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Sea & Ski & Work

One place on earth.

Christchurch, New Zealand. Provincial city, great waves, great snow, big mountains, beautiful scenery, cheap housing, friendly people, good sailing, nice climate, lots of real football (rugby), plenty of sheep and no terrorists.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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If you are really interested in spending some time working in Europe, there are actually quite a few health proffesssion jobs available in Germany. There are a large number of American nurses, doctors, and pharmacicts in the local ski club here. Most are here for 2-4 years and then move on to better jobs back in the states.

The travel oppurtunities are just as amazing as the skiing.
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There is a dirty, dusty, hamlet in the state of sin that fits most of BnneJ's criteria.

Near world class rock climbing available in 40 minutes up to 7 months a year. World class climbing a mere 3 hours south. Kayaking and rafting in town, class IV-V two - four hours away away. The ocean is 3-4 hours west.

Kite surfing and windsurfing 20-30 minutes away. H20 skiing on any one of 7 lakes within an hour. Exceptional road and mountain biking everywhere. The first US citizen to win the Tour de France grew up training in our mountains, the "death ride" is held annualy in the local mountains. Triathalons, Ultra's, and the new rage, adventure racing, are staged locally. Training year round is not a problem. The sun shines 300 plus days a year.

Oh yeah, we have skiing too. Skiing on 400 plus inches of wet, sloppy snow, just ask the attendees at the first annual Barking Bears Meeting, they'll tell you all about our wet sloppy snow. Did I mention that one resort overlooks this dusty hamlet is a mere 20-30 minutes away, another 5 or 6 resorts are 50 - 60 minutes away, a couple more are a 90 minute drive and one Mammoth resort is 3 traffic free hours south? Lift served skiing is assured from Thanksgiving to Memorial Day, sometimes through the 4th of July. The spring corn is world-renowned and the BC oppotunities are endless.

While most of the recreationalists are sitting in traffic jams on Sunday afternoons, I'm crusin' home at 70 mph on a traffic free highway. When I wake up mid-week and see the 10,000' peaks coated in a fresh blanket of 12 inches of snow, I know I can eat a casual breakfeast, stretch, and still be on the first chair for 2-3 hours of powder boarding before showing up at work for the day. And there are no personal state income taxes.

And this hamlet rarley gets mentioned as a place to live to ski. I'll never understand but I've been here 20 years and I'm not leaving anytime soon!
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Ah, BnneJ1, this is where we we sometimes fail to understand each other. Canucks aren't particularly serious about anything at all (except hockey), but we have a dry sense of humour that can to tough to interpret if you're not used to us. Just teasing really, though it comes out a bit better when spoken than written. Funny, Canucks & Yanks definately differ, but its hard to put your finger on exactly how. Come up & say hi sometime! We'll put the powder on for ya.
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Nursing employment in Christchurch

Christchurch Nursing Bureau

They even speak english down there ... well sert off.

If you are a true outdoor girl then the South Island of NZ has it all.

Nursing is one occupation that allows you to see the world and get sponsored working visas just about anywhere ... broaden your horizons and change the world.

Good Luck
Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Generally if you like a place because its not too crowded and tourist-filled . . . then one was wonder at the motivation to brag about it?! Since that would be a bit counter-productive.

A "hamlet" is certainly not around Reno, Sparks, Carson City or anything . . . I would think its less than a couple of thousand to qualify. So that would explain why it doesn't get press, which you should be glad of then!
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BnneJ1, if you are looking to ski and work as a nurse you might give SLC a try. My wife is a nurse, she works in the OR at Shriners Hospital. We ski at ALTA all the time. We have family in the Nevada City area in Calif. Which isn't far from Calif. ski areas. When they want to do some real skiing they come to Utah to ski. You will find skiing in both Big & Little Cottonwood Canyon. Also in the Park City Area. And three areas north towards Ogden and three areas south of the SLC area. also there is alot to do in this area in the Summer. Hiking, Biking, Camping, Fishing, etc. I will tell you this, you will find no better powder then that in LCC. Give us a try. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I don't feel I'm at risk of exposing this area to a surplus of inward migration because of my "bragging". Every year I see similar threads to this and every time we are overlooked. Part of me is thankful that we are overlooked but I'm still perplexed as to why this occurs so I like to vent a little to expose our virtues.
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BenneJ1, look into Kelowna B.C. ,hot in the summer and mild in the winter and Big White is 30 min. with Silver Star and Apex about an hour and the city is right on the Okanagon Lake (huge lake). Lots to do in the area if your into the outdoors ,snow skiing,water sports ,hiking/climbing etc. Turning in to a great mnt. biking area also , if that turns your crank....dry canuck humor there eh.
Kinda neat when you can drive up to Big White and ski powder for the day then hit the lake (in the spring and in a wet suit of course)for some serious rooster tails.
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Thanks! That site is EXACTLY what I am looking for! I appreciate the help and as far as New Zealand is concerened... why the hell NOT?! Thanks for the insight, I never would have thought of moving down there, but now I am seriously considering it. How could I not with ski areas named "Whakapapa"!
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If I were you, I'd be looking at Boulder, CO. Was, maybe still is, the Triathlon training capital of the USA. Great college town, quick drive up to Summit County. Probably lots of work for a nurse. Check it out.

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My wife and I had the same situation, and after much thought chose the Northwest. We moved to Olympia WA, from Houston TX for several reasons, most of which would apply to your situation.
1. We can daytrip and ski at several smaller ski locations.
2. There is also lots of summer activities such as hiking and such.
3. While a bit rainy the climate beats the 95% humidity, 100 degree heat.
4. Did I say we could day trip to several smaller ski resorts.
5. For larger resort type skiing we are close to Oregon, and Canada.
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I agree with CP. Burlington would be an excellent place to practice medicine and ski some great mountains. Personally i would live in Waitsfield VT and commute to Burlington or possiblly Montpeiler(if you don't mind driving a bit). Waitsfield is a great ski town with Surgarbush Mnt. or Mad River Glen within 5 miniutes and Stowe Mnt. is only 25 miniutes away!
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My sister is a Doctor in Burlington and has enjoyed it very much. She is an avid rock climber and skier.

Of course, she is planning on moving back out west again soon for the same reason - but she went to Burlington for the Medical School and said she was very pleasantly suprised by the outdoor scene there.
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A pleasure to assist. Christchurch also has the "Deep Freeze" base for the Antartic so there will may be other americanos around.

The combination of easy access sea & ski is a rare one. Surfies know where to look.

CC is a provincial city. So on world scale not huge but homely, fun and safe. Very much like Cambridge England in feel. The pace of life is a lot slower so the "care" part of nursing is probably more emphasised than the craziness of some large city hospitals.

Look up Queenstown, the Tasman Glacier & Milford Sound on the Net. These are all breathtaking areas within 5 hours of CC by car and 1.5 by air. Tons of winter and summer sports.

Cheers. Lets hope you are off on a life of adventure. You just may find paradise.

OZ [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I definately want to stick to the South Island. I have looked at Queenstown, Dunedin, and Christchurch. Any information on the ski areas? Mt. Hutt, the Remarkables and (can't remember the third?) are all located near Queenstown. But is Mt. Cook, which is closer to Christchurch, and better or worse? By the way, what is the cost of living like down there? Especially in Queenstown, which looks like a tourist town.
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