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"Flex the inside leg after deflection"

please would you expand on this a little, not sure what you mean by deflection here, thanks.
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Originally Posted by daslider View Post

"Flex the inside leg after deflection"

please would you expand on this a little, not sure what you mean by deflection here, thanks.
Deflection- a change of direction resulting from ski/snow interaction (BB)

After neutral... As the skis bite into the snow when they are tilted onto edge, they bend (de-camber) and begin to change your direction of travel - they turn. Now that the skis are hooked into the snow you can flex (and continue to tip) the inside leg to increase edge angle (of both skis) and therefore decrease the arc radius.
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Bushwacker. Normally I don't comment on MA because I try to enjoy
Epic and stay away from overly technical part of epic. I think you ski very good, better than most but I did notice one aspect of your skiing.l
As Slider said in one of his posts, hip steering. I saw a very static body froom the hips up. Although you and many good skiers can ski groomed runs with a non-dynamic body you would find the skiing is more fun and definitely more positive and dynamic if you - all of you is going down the hill in the direction you want to go. Slider can explain the hip steering better than I. He showed me this move last winter on the snow and it has made sense and helped my turns. I can do it but when hip steering gets put into words it is gopplygoop to me - so I won't venture there.l

Carving turns on groomers is fun and even more fun at speed, as you've stated. Although your MA video was relatively short, I really didn't see any flow with the mountain. That may be just because the video was realtively short etc., but but dynamic, even sometimes aggressive FLOW can really change ones skiing both physically, mentally and emotionally. ITS FUN TOO
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thanks Bolter

had to be something like that, what elsewhere is called engagement. we had many long 'chicken and egg' threads in 2004 on this one, as to how engagement actually started a turn without a deliberate change of steering angle, enter rotation-slicing turkey with a topping of whipped cream for good measure, would grass-skis carve (without cream) and so it went on and on and on. How we wiled away those summer months....

Would I be right in thinking your position is not far off the HH stuff?
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Josh . You never said which skis you were on in this vid. Was it the P.E.s ?
The bottoms look like they might be.You were criticized about your ability to get on edge with the outside ski and I think it is much harder to do so on a fatter ski you like to use.

We never discussed the extra work getting a fatter ski on a higher edge. I used my Squads in a clinic and was trying to get them on edge and had some difficulties getting them over enough. Max showed me I need to get a skinnier ski much more on edge to achieve a higher angle carve

What should we do to get these fatter type skis on a higher edge. ? I assume it just needs to be done .So the entry move would have to be progressive as far as attaining a higher edge set . Then getting off that edge should be done progressively. Is that the right way to go about it ?
Or should we try for as much edge as possible and keep it there til release?

I am thinking progressively moving to a higher edge and then back into transition. It must take more angulation(counter balance) and using the ankles to get there. It really seems to make the task much harder with a fatter ski as the leverage and balance necessary is much more difficult to attain.
Anybody want to give us some food for thought on this subject ?
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It was my PE the skinniest ski for now i have. You are right about harder to get up to edge. But going faster I find the fat ski better on edge cause you boot wont be hitting the ground.

Still FYI groomer skis are in the mix.
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Originally Posted by daslider View Post
thanks Bolter

Would I be right in thinking your position is not far off the HH stuff?
Yes, ARC TECH's (in the supporters area) PREPARATION Phase is completely aligned with PMTS High "C" movements. Throughout the text, Counter balance and a conflict of definitions obviously separate the two systems. The movements of both ARC TECH and PMTS are not carbon copies but are really close sketches. HH has taken it to the level of all Mountain Skiing with BPST, brushed carve and POW POW. ARC TECH deals solely with Arc2Arc and WC skiing. I wrote the manual in 2000 and updated it till the day I posted it on this forum.
I had contact with HH in the early 90's at Breck through Elan. I dismissed his work (to my disadvantage) because the people he was irritating had their feathers ruffled and I heard all about it. I learned of his web site and books on this forum in the summer/fall last year.
The singular most compelling reason I had to write ARC TECH was my frustration with the ATS skidded turn - slipping ski mechanics. Funny, HH was doing the same thing and IMO only better and more complete.
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Pete in No Idaho used the word flow...I opted to use numbers rather than a word...1,2,3--vs flow. There are an infinate amount of numbers between 1 2 and 3. The numbers are but the major stopping/resting points. Example: 1.45566556776667766666655etc. FLOW means using ever number inbetween 1 and 3. I can see three moves in each of your turns. Watch some good video of a National team member....you will hopefully see flow, not numbers. Once you see it, you will want to be it.

On the issue of "RailRoad Tracks" Let it go....We all have different definitions of the term...yours is the tracks you leave. Mine might be the proper movements that produce the tracks....meaning one can "do" rail road tracks on rock ice and never leave tracks. Your post asked for MA--- Your result may be RR tracks in the snow...but you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of them. With the way the snow was moving and the minor smearing going on....you can do them much cleaner tracks...by following some of the advice...which I know you will .
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
Just to show some arc to arc skiing from myself. This very akin to the typical MA posted here. Easy Blue, perfect groomed snow. You can clearly see perfect railroad track left here and also the ski is bending and working for me.

IMO one of the biggest things I need to work on is slight park ridey thing going on the middle of my turns. What do you guys think.

Hey, BW! You clearly know you have skills, and you can tip 'em up when you want to do... I haven't read the other observations, but here's my short version: What's up with that lazy inside leg? I've seen you much more active there in the past (and in more difficult conditions), so I know that you're doing something there either on-purpose or because you're changing something. Care to enlighten me?

You are also not getting the most out of those skis, since you're sticking around on that inside ski far more than you need to do. You could bend 'em (and perhaps avoid that bit of park) if you move more power to the outside of each turn.
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