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Me this time on Great Scott

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Originally Posted by Lonnie View Post

Has anyone else here offered up a video of themselves in similar terrain killing it? No.
I wouldnt it call it killing it but I d like to think this is ok skiing, flat light, hard base, some fresh snow with bumps. This about 20 yard to skier right of the kristen Video.

slowed down for your pleasure.
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Nice flow in general, Bushwacker. I especially like the turn around :06 (and again at around :42) where you let your feet move forward beneath you as you absorbed the bump. Notice how it allowed you to continue smoothly over the bump and into the next turn. Some might tell you you "got in the back seat" there, but I wouldn't. Compare that turn with the later turns where you didn't let your feet move forward as much. Your whole body got jolted and pushed up quickly by the bumps, compared with that one turn.

It's the same phenomenon that we've been discussing recently in the thread, A Tale of Three Turns. See especially my post and the animation on Page 3 (post #81).

Best regards,
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The top I thought was nice retraction....I like my transtion in :30 and :35

the bottom I get jolted hard especially at :47 couldnt asorb fast enough didnt see it coming.

at :57 I believe that was actually 2 bumps that a prejumped not sure though this video is 3 months old hard to remember.

Bob thanks for that.
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