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Dynastar: Nothing But Trouble vs. Trouble Maker?

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Does anyone know what's the difference between the Dynastar Nothing But Trouble and Trouble Maker? They have the same geometry on paper. I can't seem to find much information or review on the Nothing But Trouble. How do they compare to the Trouble Maker (which is better known and reasonably well liked by some)?

Dynastar's choice of names are really stupid. Side effect of which being it renders the search function completely useless, because there's "trouble" or "nothing", not to mention "but" in just about EVERY SINGLE POST!

Anyway, the NBT is considerably cheaper than the Trouble Maker, which makes me wonders what gives.

Not planning for use in the park though. More for soft bumps, maybe a little bit of trees and casaul all-mountain cruising on soft snow, or for days when there's a few inches of new snow. Though not exactly a powder ski per se either. Not worth having one for the east coast, not for a 20 day/year skier anyway. (my other ski is a narrow ice breaker of only 68mm underfoot).
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Go for the TroubleMaker.

They are both new-school/freestyle skis, but the Nothing But Trouble is more park/pipe/slopestyle orientated. They can still ski outside the park, but the park is its home.

The TroubleMaker is designed for park use as well as all-mountain use, it can be skied everywhere.

It is confusing because they have pretty much got the same graphics...

I've got the '07 TroubleMakers, they ski great, all over the place.
With a waist like 78, it can ski through anything, morning pow, afternoon slush, jumps, anything.
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exact same ski except for the "inserts" in the base and the metal layer under the binding on the TMs
next year the Trouble Maker is a different ski...
did i mention exact same ski until next year...aside from the differences above
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I'm skiing on '07 TroubleMaker's now, and I've already tried a pair of '08 TM's too.

The '08 TroubleMaker's are awesome, they look so cool in person...

I also like the Fischer Addict Pro's '08, the graphics are hot, but being 14y/o and around 168cm, I don't think I'll be able to ski 181's.
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Dave, have to agree with the 08 graphics being cool(both the limited and the rocky horror/pink floyd graphic) and being wider never hurt...
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Absolutely. I'm not sure what the technological differences between the '07 model and the '08 models are, but I'm sure they've changed something.

They must've changed something, 'cus the '07 ski is basically the same as the TM's the few year's before, just different graphics.
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Originally Posted by waxman View Post
...and being wider never hurt...
Nah. For us shorties with short limbs, small feet and light weight, the extra width does nothing. In fact, it kind of reminds me of what I saw this little 5' lady trying to peep over the dashboard of her Hummer!

Anyway, what causes the difference in performance of the Nothing But Trouble compare to Trouble Maker since they're the same width (shape too?)?
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Anyone know where these are sold cheaply? Evogear.com is the cheapest I have found so far.
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I think you should jump on EvoGear's deal. Isn't it something like $299 for them? Buy 'em if you want 'em.

If you want next year's TM's, I think I know someone selling them for around $350 USD. ('07-'08 model). They are 175cm.
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