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802 vid

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Please be respectful...this is a big deal in Vermont and kinda funny!

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Killa props from the 610 and 484. Bookmarked fo sho.

The words...

Up in Vermont this is how we do
We got one area code and it's 802
Green Mountain State where we roll on skis
Don't mess with our cows or we'll break your knees
State of Vermont where we make Ben and Jerry's
Sweet like syrup and our streets aren't scary
Cell phone service is questionable
Farmer's Market is our biggest festival
We got out of staters creepin' when the leaves are changing
Our eggs are jumpin' cause our chickens are free ranging
State capitol might be 200 years old but our dome is so bling in that it's plated with gold
MHS: our mascot is a Solon
Saturday night we don't go drinking, we go bowling
802 (4x)
We got seven different places to buy a pizza slice
But don't go to Village 'cause that dude ain't nice
Cross off Angeleno's 'cause their pie is overpriced
What about Girasole's - yeeah, that'll suffice
Hippies always loiter when on city steps
We got to First in Fitness and do mad reps
One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand, four
Here comes X10 knocking at your door
Mud season makes the roads real slow
Go hunting with our compound bow
We got creamiest milk in the 50 states
We go on picnics and dine on paper plates
Rednecks in jail we are always hatin'
We cruise into town and we start fustigatin'
I like my Cabot's cheddar extra sharp
Our roofs have leaks so we patch it with a tarp
802 (4x)
Got the biggest snow plows in the USA
Yeah we made it legal it's okay to be gay
Our official shoe is the Birkenstock
The only thing we hustlin' is the granite rock
Up in V-T this is how we do
We got one area code and it's 802
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