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Need help - will I fit mantra 184cm?

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I just got a killeroffer on a Völkl Mantra in 184cm.. I know you guys will just say that there are plenty of threads on mantra skis already - but none of them seem to suit my size

I'm an expert skier, weigh 150-155lbs and I'm 176cm (5ft 9") tall - (to be bigger since I'm just 17).

Should I buy a 184cm Völkl Mantra or are these skis just too big for me?

- Kasper
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What kind of skiing do you typically do, and where do you ski?

Ski seems a bit long for your height and weight, but may not be if you are skiing lots of deep stuff. You are also likely to grow and gain weight being only 17.

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If you really are an expert, and you like to blast through crud and pow in big arcs at higher speeds, they'll work fine. But whatever the killer deal, how much of a compromise are you making? If you were looking for 177's, these will just be less maneuverable but more stable, probably OK tradeoff. If you were really looking for a 170 mid-fat ski, these will not give you what you want. And if you weren't looking at all, well, any skis, then only your bank account knows the truth.
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Because the skis have a little bit of a turned up tail, they would act more like 180's on hard pack. I think you could handle these skis, but it would take about two ski seasons for you to get used to them.

First you would feel a huge increase in stability, but you they would feel clumsy for making any quick moves. You would have to learn to 'ride' these rails instead of forced steering. It would feel different.

Any amount of money spent on the wrong skis is too much. Especially for someone as young as you, I would recommend doing a season of demos in all kinds of snow conditions. Know what you want and then get your money's worth. The deals are always out there.

My standard for a deal is about $300 to $350 for prior season skis, $125 summer price for bindings, $30 for mounting. So about $500. Deals start in March and go through about August, then all the bargain fairs in September (won't find Mantra's in September).

The Mantra's are high demand skis so you won't be stuck. I think ski shops don't like to re-drill the bindings more than three times.
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Well I usually drive an Atomic GS 12 175cm.. I usually go off-piste 1/5 of my skiing time a year..

Can you do short turns in off piste on the mantra? I'll need to if it gets really steep

The ski is the 06/07 version (red one) and I can get it for around 250-300$ with bindings, and this is in europe
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I am 181cm and 73kg:s (around 155 pounds I think) and I ski the 191 Mantra. I find it to be a very quick edge-to-edge pist oriented allround ski and I have never even consider it beeing to big. 184 is a small ski with a powerful feel over it, but still really, really easy to ski compared to many full size skis. You will not have any problems at all with it in my opinion, other than in deep powder where it will be a bit short and narrow.

The Mantra 191 handles short turns in powder very well. You can go traditional "powder 8"-style without any special effort. One negative thing is it´s rather narrow waist and drawn out full length sidecut, which makes it more difficult to ski in bad snow conditions offpist. A wider, straighter and/or softer ski makes tricky snow easier to ski.
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okay think I will go for it just sad to have it sitting in my room having no possible chance of skiing 'em :P

So what do you guys think of the price?
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177 would be a better choice. The 184 will work if you using it mostly in wide open areas. Its good ski that skis alot of condition well but it actually fairly stiff and the sidecut is quite deep for a fatter ski.
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Hmm.. Well sidecut is the same nomatter what the lenght is...

and marot seems as if he likes his even longer :O

Bushwacker you are saying that it isn't very good for trees?
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its good its just there are better.
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There are better huh?
Then why would people buy mantra in the first place?
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Originally Posted by GrooK View Post
There are better huh?
Then why would people buy mantra in the first place?
cause it stiff bust crud and ski powder well. Its good in trees but there are better tree skis out there. It depends on your style of skiing too, so you going to have to try them and find out.
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don't really have the oppertunity to try them out
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If you don't like them next winter. I'll buy them from you. Call it purchase insurance.I'm a bit bigger and 184 or the 191 would work fine. A shorter ski would be better in trees and bumps. A longer for stability and would be a better crud buster. They do run short. Pick your normal lenghth and buy the next bigger size.
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I know someone your size, a few years older, skiing 180 Explosives at Stowe as his main tree ski...so if you charge, you can ski them in trees. The explosive is the direct predecessor to the mantra and is a tougher to ski, if you didn't know.

If you don't mind the stiffness, it's moderate weight, plenty of sidecut, and mildly forward mount point help it ski a bit easier for it's size.
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177 might be better

I skied the 170 cm Mantra most of last season (around 45 days). I usually ski Vail/BC (in my back yard so to speak) which gives me a lot of mid depth powder/crud but have also enjoyed them at Highlands/Breck (on the steeps) etc I am 5'6" 155 lb and probally in the lower level 9-for what ever that is worth (according to my instructors)

I think that this a good length for my ability/weight, maybe I could have done just fine on the 177, but opted for the more manuvarable size

The Mantras are very quick in the trees and have good pow/crud performance-the best I have ever owned..I am glad I bought a shorter length...but then again I prefer a bit shorter of a ski. My other main ski is a 161 Allstar. I have rediscovered the joys of tree skiing with the Mantra.

The tail release is predictable and controlable=confidence in tight spots

the Mantra is a lot of ski..like others have said it has some stiffness..for me 170 cm is very stable when on edge-but can be hooky when straight lining. These are my first fat ski and I really like them..the GS cut is great for cruising as well.

I would caution about going too long..but then again you are a young gun!!

good luck!!
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Thanks for all of your help!
I'll buy the ski keeping GarryZ's offer in mind
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Uh oh , shipping from Denmark. I'll stand by that but we may have to split the shipping
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Bear in mind that Voelkl is usually overstating their skis' length. All Voelkls I owned and still own are about 4 cm shorter than advertised when measured straight. If you get the chance check into that before you buy.

At your length I'd say the 184 sounds about right.
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