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Want to buy boots at Whistler

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I am going back to Whistler in January of 2004. I plan on purchasing some Atomic ski boots to go with my Atomic skis. I currently live in Louisville, KY (which is not the best place to buy any kind of ski equipment). Can someone who is a local or someone who visits there a lot direct me to the best place to buy boots? I have heard that Can-Ski is a great boot place.....would love any feedback please!
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Why atomic boots?
Have you tried them on already?

The idea isn't to get matching boots, but to get the ones that fit you best. There are several good shops in Whistler, but don't limit yourself to one brand of boots. Try and see which fits best, then go with them.

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Fox is right. Go see Jay Taylor at Snowcovers (near the IGA) Let him look at your feet. Try lots of boots on. They are far more important than your skis.
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Trust the fox and get lucky, let a good boot fitter tell you which boot will best fit your feet. Different boots are made for different types of feet. It's not like buying sneakers.
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Wild Willy's out at Nestors (North of the village) will take very good care of you and are highly skilled. (Not sure if they have Atomic). I agree it's fit first so unless you know Atomic is the boot that works for you I wouldn't discount comparing to others. I'm not sure if I'd jump all over over a lumbering corporate giant like Can Ski. Good selection but probably hit and miss on boot fitting talent. I've heard some good things about snow covers and could certainly find out more easily. There's a place called Fanatics or something, be very afraid, I've seen (and fixed) their work. Lots of talk much less knowledge.
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Thanks for the replies guys. I knew that Atomic had a matching boot for my skis....but I will keep an open mind. My boots hurt my legs right now...again, a product of living in Kentucky and not near a major slope. I will check out the places you guys have mentioned. Thanks for the info.
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One more question. I just confirmed my reservations at Creekside and I noticed that Wild Willy's has a location there. Do you prefer the location at Nestor's...or do you think I would get great service at any of their locations? That is probably a dumb question....but I do want to get the best service possible. I noticed from their website that they have been in the top 10 for boot fitting. Seems like a great place. Thanks for any input!
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while Wild Willie's has a few locations I think they only do fitting at one location. When you get there, they will give you directions to get to the one where the bootfitter resides. The word from the locals is Wild Willie's is the worth the effort to get to the fitter. He's one of the best.
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I'm with Dchan although I'm not sure I think their creekside location is mostly just rentals and bootfitting is all done out of Nestor's. Ernie isn't there anymore (unless he bailed on Real Estate already) but there are a few guys who trained with him and have been there quite a while. I'll be there next month and staying at Creekside so I might be able to find out more.
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Thanks for the replies guys. L7, please do give me an update if you happen to stop by Wild Willies at Creekside. I would really appreciate it. You guys have no idea how tough it is to get ANY kind of ski equipment here in Louisville, KY. We do have a few shops...but the selection is awful.
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Creekside CanSki has good bootfitters. Other locations are hit and miss. Atomic, Lange, Salomon, Head.
Snowcovers has very good bootfitters. Lange, Rossignol, Head, Technica, Salomon.
Wild Willies Creekside is closed for the summer. They do some boot fitting, but most is done at the main store in Nester's. Technica, Lange, not sure of other brands.
Surefoot has a Village location. Decent bootfitters, and fit guarentee extends to their continental network. Atomic, not sure of other brands.
Comor can do minor fitting, but would opt elsewhere for major work.

Though they don't sell Atomic, I have my boot work done at Snowcovers. A good number of our athletes go to Creekside CanSki. I know very few who have used Willies bootfitting services.
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I appreciate the info BetaRacer. I know January is a probably to far away to be worrying about buying boots...but I am just trying to be prepared. I am pretty anal about doing lots of research on expensive items (like ski boots) before I buy them. I have been doing lots of reading on bootfitters.com and reading reviews. I do want the best boot for me. The only reason I was leaning toward Atomic (besides have Atomic skis) was that I had read they were very comfortable. But I am sure that is suspect to each individual's taste.

You guys have persuaded me to have a more open mind and try them all out.

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