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Golfer dies in a freak Golf Cart Accident

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This is really a tragic story and one that makes me wonder about the maintenance on golf carts. Also makes me happy that I normally walk the course

The serious side of me is deeply sad after reading this, but I'm embarrassed to say the comedian in me has a million bad humour jokes running circles in my head......but I'll refrain.

Of all the activities I enjoy, I consider Golf to be one of the least risky.
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Golf is too dangerous for me. People die all the time on the golf course. You got lightning, golf balls falling out of the sky, gators/snakes in water holes, and DWIs operating golf carts. Its a dangerous world out there.

More people killed every year from being hit with a bolt of lightning than tornadoes. You think tornado alley is dangerous.

For safety reasons, I try to limit my golf/beer drinking to a few times a year.

Stick to skiing its safer.

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I never understand the attraction of a golf cart. When I have shared a cart with someone I find them frustrating to be in - one side of the fairway to the other, conscious your partner needs to be somewhere else.

I understood that, apart from idleness, they were popular in the US because the climate sometimes makes walking uncomfortable e.g. Florida.

A cart is an additional cost in the UK and Ireland by the way. They are not included in the cost of your round.
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They are an extra cost here in the US also. I tend to walk, but have taken a cart twice. Both times there was a physical need to take a cart.

The news articles I read don't say whether or not his friends finished their round.:

If something tragic happened to me, I think my friends would finish their round. They'd probably say, "TC wouldn't have wanted us to waste a perfectly good golf outing"
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^^^ Golf carts are extra in most places. When I lived in Charlotte, I found out that a lot of busier courses required them on the weekends, so they were included in the price. Out here in Colorado, however, you usually have the option of walking if the course layout allows it.
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Usually the cause of a cart accident/death involves driving a cart down a steep hill and rolling it. Sounds like a very unfortunate accident.

While I prefer to walk, there are a few courses, particularly those in the mountain regions, like Summit County, and those with extensive housing developments, where walking simply isn't practical. Usually your cart is included in your greens fee. It has become an unfortunate trend in golf courses attached to housing developments that the course gets so spread out that it would take you 15 minutes just to walk from one hole to the next.
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No Golf Cart ! Walk? How do you haul that huge cooler full of ice and beer? Don't try to tell me you play golf without drinking beer.
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Warning! Bad, distasteful Humour coming!

What I want to know is, how many three putts did his buddies have after the distraction of such a tragedy?
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As his golf cart traveled off the lawn area and onto the concrete cart path in a southerly direction, the golf cart began to bounce around. It appeared that he lost control of the cart as it veered over the east curb of the cart path and down an embankment where it eventually went off a sheer cliff," italics added

Most courses do a through job of maintaining their carts. This description (bounce around) is strange. It will be interesting to see if there is any follow up reporting on the investigtion of the cart although I suspect it was pretty well mangled from the fall and impact. The two primary difficulties you see with electric carts are maintaining battery charge and low tires
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I've rolled carts several times. I was almost shot on a golf course once. I also been attacked numberous times by evil snapping turtles.
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