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Still skiing at Sunshine?

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Anyone still skiing at SSV? I was there at the end of April and it wasx raining and really rough, I can't imagine what its like now!
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Hey rossi9ill,
Welcome back.
We are now wanting to hear a in depth report of your winter!
You missed some great and spirited discussions.
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I haven't been for a while and my last day was at LL on the 27th was a great sunny day but didn't freeze overnight so anything other than groomed was like a porage slushee.
Thou I talked to a guy who had been out to Sunshine on May 2nd and he said it was great one of his best days this year. Even some powder. Was thinking of going this being the last weekend but gotta go to a wedding.

How was your season in Banff?
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Well, thanks guys, its good to be back in here. my season was great, where do I begin, well, I made it out to Kicking Horse, which was amazing. I went into Delirium (at Sunshine) the second day it was open; what an experience just being back there and seeing it. Now I have to buckle down and go to Univ in the fall but just for 1/2 year then I'm going back out West in Dec.
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Which school did you work for? I've been teaching at the Lake for four seasons now. Last day was the end of April so I missed the late goods. Sucks ending before the mountains close.
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Club Ski, we went till the end of April and conditions were pretty marginal. But the sun was nice! (good tanning!)
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Going back to club ski next season? I've got some pretty good offers from Kicking Horse which are really tempting. Stop by for some turns.
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Last day I made turns at Sunshine was May 18th , it was way better than the end of April. Couldn't make the long weekend but a buddy tells me they ended up making tracks in fresh stuff , best conditions of the season at the end of it .....go figure.
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