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Cartilage wear under patella-

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I had torn meniscus scoped in April but found that both knees have wear under the knee cap. The one knee has a channel that catches when flexed and sounds like captain crunch when going down stairs. I know its condromalacia (sp). The Doc doesn't recommend scoping this one out as he doesn't want to take more out but its a problem. I can also get the Supartz gel injected under the patella as well. I am looking for any advice. I plan to see another doctor as well.
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Oh, I have this so bad. I'm looking forward to hearing what happens, so keep posting. I'm just hoping technology catches up before things get too bad.
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In the meantime make sure you don’t get excess wear on your patella when you are walking down the stairs. Grab the handrail with your hand and lean on it with as much of your weight as you can, bend forward in your hip socket as much as you can. Make sure your quads get as little stress as possible. (I know you will feel funny to walk stairs like that, but my 67-year-old brother swears it kept him from needing a total knee replacement.)
Hope this keeps the grinding to a minimum.
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Thanks, I have to do that already! It isn't happy doing stairs.
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Two things

One, My husband has a problem with cartilage wear under his patella, and he found great relief with GS500

Two, Since you'll have trouble getting around with those bad knees at Steamboat, I should go with you and your family to help you get around.
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Glucosamine HCL . We hashed this out in a thread or two before. Do a search.

That stuff really helps me for the same reasons it may help you.
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Treckchick and garry, the probelm is that the groove is so deep its catching on something and restricts free movement and then clicks off. Its more alarming than painful (still painful) but it will definitely get your attention. I do take the Glucosamine HCL or something like that, but it won't help this. I need this filled or smoothed out.
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Sounds like a good time to see the doc. Sometimes they can grind the surface and make it smoother. Or you might have loose bodies in there or cartilidge that might be catching. I had two 'scopes done and both times I had stuff removed that was catching in the joint.
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I had a bad bout with that after a hiking trip in the Grand Canyon. I had to climb out of the canyon without bending one leg. I had the flare up at the end of November, and through all of December and early January it hurt just to walk down stairs. A few times I tried cross country skiing and quit after a few minutes.

Mid January a friend was visiting and since he skied like the average Texan, I figured I could go do a few runs with him and just use one leg. I took a large dose of asprin and headed out. The first few runs it hurt like hell just to weight the leg. It slowly got better, and by lunch was fine. I skied moguls hard after lunch, in total disbelief. It never really came back.

What the heck happened? I think the 6 week rest period allowed some recovery, but there wes a residual alignment problem. The skiing fixed that and it stopped grating. At least, that's the best theory I can come up with.
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I have struggled with patella-femur syndrome (precussor to chondromylasia) pardon my spelling. From what I've learned it is a problem of the patella not tracking properly in the femural groove. In other words, that groove is supposed to be there. Like newfydog, I've found skiing to be therapeutic, telemark skiing to be specific. I'm no doctor and my experience is anecdotal, so take it with a grain of salt.

This is a common cycling injury, but bicycling can also be good therapy if you spin (no stomping on big gears), use a high, forward saddle position, and free-floating clipless pedals.
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