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Log out not working

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I try to log out to see what it would do and it doesn't work.
I logged in over 5 times with the wrong name and password and it lets me back on anyway even though it says you can't log in for 15 minutes.

Wassup here?
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Not sure what you're asking, Garry. All logout does is clear your cookies. If they aren't clearing, I'd suggesting emptying your browser cache.
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How does one get to the login screen where you are given a choice to have your password remembered ? I've tried many differant ways to be logged out or whatever you want to call it but would like have the choice to log in or not.
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Garry, the LogOut is in the upper right hand corner of every screen, even when you reply. Once you log out, all cookies should be flushed from your browser. (delete the cookies manually if necessary, they are named epicski.com and forums.epicski.com). That will fully reset how you log in next time. It will not erase your user options or member information. FYI, you were logged out between 8:30 and 9:00 or so. Once I hit the logoff button and confirm, I am totally logged out and have no posting or supporter access.
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