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I'm having trouble with my PM page so I thought I would just post this til they get it fixed.
We skied Whiteface Tues. 2nd and Wed. 3rd. Tues. it was warm and rainy and I knew it would be a good day to try the blacks off the summit chair. Cloudspin was bumps so I set my sights on Skyward. I took the wife up top to see what Skyward looked like then bring her down Parron's Run. The summit was socked in and you could barely see 30 ft. I managed to find my way to The Follies and we skied down it to Parron's. I went back up by myself intending to do Skyward, but each time the visibility was terrible. I wussed out.
Went back Wed. and it had gotten cold overnight freezing everything after they groomed. I could see where the nickname Iceface comes from. The saving grace was almost a half inch of snow that fell that night. We went up top again, still couldn't see and Parron's was pretty icy. I talked to a few people who said Skyward was in decent shape. I tried a couple more times but I couldn't get myself to go down a new slope when I could barely see 30 ft. Finally around 2 pm I got up top and could see almost 50 yds. I went for it. What a run!! It wasn't as severe as I was expecting but it was quite steep and quite long. Next run I tried to do it without stopping. You are right, no way! I was already in love with that mountain and 2 runs down Skyward was icing on the cake. That place is awesome! It reminds me of the way I felt last year after 1 day at Sugarloaf, I just gotta go back. Anyway thanks for the pointers!!