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Damn. I just tried to get my right foot into my nordica trends...

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...and these are high volume boots...

It would not go in at all.

I had entertained the hope that I might be able to get my foot in and just not buckle it as tight...
but it's not going AT ALL.
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Nordicas are not known for ease of entry but they ski great.
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Nakona, Do you mean LOW volume, since you can't get your foot in?

My experience with Nordica (it's been over 10 years) is that they are (were) similar in volume to Technicas, which are slightly higher volume than Langes, but not much.
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john -
I may be off on the terminology.
What I meant was that nordica trends are (supposedly) nice and roomy for people with big feet. I do know that they fit pretty comfortably before the accident, although they needed some *grunt* to get them on.
Now, although the left one still fits nicely, the right one won't go on at all.

Well, I had been looking at getting new boots anyway, now that I'm no longer a rank beginner.
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John -

Nordica switched from low volume to medium volume on their high end and high volume for their rec. boots when they switched owners in the 90s. Many of the racers I know that were dedicated Nordica fans ended up switching to other brands. On the other hand, my last three pairs of boots have been Nordica because they finally fit me.

Nordica still have a reputation for being one of the toughest brands to get on. The ski magazines alway point this out in their yearly reviews.
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I'm going to look at the Head EZ-Ons and the soft boots.

Maybe I'll have some luck there.

No matter what happens i suspect this will be a long process.
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yeah, I have narrow feet and once upon a time skied Nordicas. Can't wear em now; too roomy.
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A couple of things to remember about feet.

They get larger in the summer, and as we age they become wider, and thicker.

I find that my feet become smaller[ have less volumne ] as the ski season progresses.They have more muscle and less fat and are leaner at seasons end.

In the beginning of the ski season my socks are thinner than those worn for spring skiing.

If your boots have been used 100 days or are 4 or more years old, time to check into a new pair.

A great fitting boot is one of the keys, in all likelyhood the most important part of your hard gear, in attaining a state of ....

Happy Skiing
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Nakona: What all in your foot was injured in the accident? How long ago was it?

What's happened with your street shoes? Can you wear the same shoes you wore before with total comfort?

When I ruptured my Achilles tendon and went through six months of casts and braces after the surgery, I ended up with that foot being a full size larger than it had been before. I had to buy all new shoes. Ski boots without question wouldn't fit at all.

For the first two seasons back on skis, I used Lange's softer green machines (were they called Banshees?) in a full size larger than my previous Langes. I eventually got into the L10 ACD medium model, still at the larger size. It's been six years and I'm still wearing the shoes I bought after the recovery.
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kneale -
I had a head-on at 50mph. (left turner cut me off)
my right foot swung up and the instep (topside) smacked into the bottom of the brake pedal, smashing my 2nd metatarsal and breaking the next 2.

This was in may and the only things I can get into are sandles, sneakers and hillbilly slippers (redwings with no laces)<FONT size="1">

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Have you tried the Doberman? I have a narrow heel and it is the best fit I've ever had. Had to grind out around the 5th metatarsul head area. It's the narrowest boot I've ever had on. That includes 1974 Gran Prixs.
Nordica continued with the origional GP last in race stock only. When they reintroduced the GP I got a pair but found them way too roomy. It took me 3 years to get a form for the race boot(origional 73 last). The Doberman in even better, tighter in the heel but more toe room in spite of being narrow in the fore foot. Also incredibly WARM. I used the liners in my old WCGPs and couldn't believe the difference.
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Ahhhh, horay for womens nordica trend boots!
I unfortunatly was born with short, flat, wide feet (hight heels DON'T get along with me) Although I need to buy a new pair of boots because my trend 3's are wearing down, I'll probably stay with that brand because it is the only one that has boots wide enought for my feet....
Just thought I'd shout out the praise

"When hell freezes over, I'll ski there too"
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