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Solomon SPK park boots

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Looking for feedback on the '07 men's Solomon SPK park boot. Anyone use it? Like it? Why (not)? I hear there is a women's model SPK for '08.
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It's a wide forefront boot with two buckles and a cinch type liner usually seen in snowboard boots.

They are very light and have extra cushioning in the heel and cuff for landings.

I use these to teach in as I like their flex(85) and weight for working with young or beginner students. Jumps are accepted well and the landings have good shock absorbancy. Kinda makes you want to do them more often. It's their purpose as a park and pipe boot.

If you cinch these and buckle down you get a decent ,positive feel for the snow but not as much as the more common three or four buckle boot. The differance seems to be the forefoot buckle differance. But I believe the lower buckles are over rated anyway.

They have a nice wide strap that I really like. Also they have removable footpads you can replace by unscrewing and cost around 20 dollars ,i was told.
I would recomend these for teaching, park pipe and all mountain skiing. Racing or alot of time on groomers ? Not their specialty. But if you like to get a bit of air you will really appreciate this boot.
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Thanks. Very helpful. Am definately going to check them out this Fall.
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big, wide, soft. Am I allowed to compare the boot to a fat person on this site?
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No damp similes please.
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Originally Posted by mntlion View Post
big, wide, soft. Am I allowed to compare the boot to a fat person on this site?
Uh huh!
If anyone asks, just say TC gave you the nod
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