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Death of a loved one

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Yesterday was a long day. We were told that Colleen's grandmother would be taken off the drug IV that kept her heart beating, because she was in great pain. The pain killer and that drug could not be given together. Her body was used up - the skin on her arms was insufficient to hold an IV needle, so the IV had to be administered through a vein on her neck for the morphine. We arrived at the hospital and joined Colleen's uncle and aunt in the hospital room - the son holding his mother's hand. She was comatose and breathing - gasping, but without struggle - maybe eight times a minute. We talked - the ones not comatose. I saw that, without any fanfare, the breathing was not continuing. I think no one else saw that. Maybe it was denial, or simply not readiness. I glanced at the nurse outside the door. She seemed to know this was the time, and she came in with a stethoscope and searched. She said she found no heartbeat and that she would ask another nurse to confirm. It was confirmed. Before our eyes, we had seen this eighty-six year old life leave the body for parts unknown.
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A good 86 years I hope.
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Oboe, please pass on my sympathies to Colleen and the family.

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Carry fond memories of good times that's what get us all thru this passage when we face it .

Remember a bit of her light shines within those she loved and cared for .

MY sincere condolences

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I mourn the farewell with you, my friend.
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I hope my last moments are in the company and hands of loved ones. This is the greatest act of love and comfort we can offer .

My deepest sympathies to the family.
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My thoughts and prayers are with you nd your family old friend.
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I will ad my thoughts and prayers here.
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My condolences, Oboe. I hope you are well.
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Condolences to you and your family.

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Originally Posted by GarryZ View Post
I hope my last moments are in the company and hands of loved ones. This is the greatest act of love and comfort we can offer .
True. My condolences to you and your family.
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Originally Posted by nolo View Post
My condolences, Oboe. I hope you are well.
Thank you, nolo. I'll be sending you a pm in a few minutes.
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Colleen and I thank you all for your thoughts, many of which I received by e-mail.
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Please accept my condolences. There is no doubt this is hard on you all, but if one has to go, going in peace and the presence of family must be the best way.

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Thank you so much, ilh. Believe me, we are sad but grateful for chance to have been there. There are still the feelings of emptiness, but it is some consolation that she lived a long, very full life and met a peaceful death with loved one's present.
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Oboe--let me add my condolences to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. My wife and her mother were present with her father just about exactly one year ago, when he breathed his last breath at age 87. It must be a very profound experience. In his case, I am almost certain he died peacefully and content, knowing that his closest loved ones were with him.

Best regards,

PS--Susan's (my wife's) father was the man who designed the logo for our first EpicSki Academy, emblazoned on those hats and pins and vests we had made. He was responsible for some of the biggest and best known corporate identities on the planet (Coca-cola, Chevron, and many more), but he took extreme pride in that ESA logo. He wore the red vest and pin everywhere!
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You can't ask for much better to be in the company of those that you love as you leave this world.
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Other than the absolute confidence that you are going to a better place.
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One day the loneliness you and your family are now feeling will gradually be replaced with loving, fond memories of a great, fulfilled life. To quote Tom Brokaw, "they are the greatest generation"....
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