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2008 Fischer RX-8

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Does anybody know if this is a new ski or just new cosmetics

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The dims are slightly changed (+1, -1, +1). I would guess minor refinements but the same intended use.

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Fischer RX Cold Heat

Have you heard anything about this ski and how it differs from RX8/
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Do a search on these in the consumer review section.

Also look up this

in the Consumer review section.
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Originally Posted by Bluewaterpro View Post
Have you heard anything about this ski and how it differs from RX8/
It is much wider underfoot- 82 mm, and has a shorter turning radius. I skied this at the national Academy and reviewed it. It is a very fun ski, and seems very versatile, but I didnt get a chance to ski any ice. It feels like it would be good on ice, but it would have been nice to have tried.
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Demo at national academy

That was at the bird this year. did you ski any bumps on them, regulator?
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I skied fresh pwder, and some irregular snow, not really bumps but not smooth either. The skis seemed very good at absorbing irregular snow. I am sure they would have been good in bumps. We skied mark malu, which is near regulator, and skied the ungroomed. The skis worked really well. Regulator was covered with powder the day I demoed the Cold heats, so I wouldn't have had much of a shot at ice there either.
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What length did you demo?
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170. FWIW, I am 6'2", about 260.
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It appears the RX8 and Race SC now have the same dimensions.
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Hi ilH,

Almost, the RX8 is 116-65-98 and the SC is 118-66-99.

The SC will be used in shorter sizes, I have a 165cm (the most popular size) in the SC, While the RX8 I have is a 175cm.

Also the SC is beefy and demanding, more race than recreational. The RX8 is more versatile in softer snow & more fun to use.

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