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Does anybody have advice about Axial 140 Pro mounting position on Rossignol B3's? - Due to a cockup by a shop in the alps my bindings need to be refitted - my local shop is recommending 1cm behind the normal point.

I have read that mounting behind the centre point encourages more of a skid turn. I will be using these instead of my old B2's which I find too soft now, will be using them as a genuine all mountain, or as far as I can get to ski.

Are there any thoughts or opinions about mounting position? I know the rossi scratch has different recommended mounting points - up to 7cm back for park vs back country.

I'm a level 8 piste skier, limited off piste, although thats where I want to develop and have a liking for varied conditions. I'm 5 10" tall and weigh 75kg.

cheers for any thoughts,