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Tib/bib break - progress!

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When I broke my tib/fib I did a lot of trawling round the net and scared myself silly with some of the horror stories.

So, I hope it's not tempting fate, but 7 weeks to the day after the break I'm walking again and full weight bearing . It isn't a 'normal' walk quite yet, and the physio says to keep using a single crutch for 1 more week. But, 7 weeks on and I'm walking and driving (a manual). Plan is to be walking normally at 8 weeks therefore.

So, well done the surgeon at Sallanches (Chamonix) . Real impressed with the French hospital system. And for anyone else who's surfing looking to get cheered up after a tib/fib break, it is possible to get up and about in under 2 months. So long as fate doesn't step in after I've typed this :

As to details, spiral break of tibia and fibula. Tib at boot cuff level, closed fracture but the ends were displaced. Operated on next day to put in a Dynamic Compression Plate (DCP) down the side of the tib, and I count 9 screws from the x-ray. Never put in plaster, and the scar over the wound is looking just fine. And all this and on an oldish bloke (50 in a week or so). Although in fairness I have been working real hard to get flexibility and muscle back. But today at least I'm as happy as I've been for...well...7 weeks
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Good for you! Here's my story:

Be sure to do all your physical therapy. I was surprised at how much I lost. I was walking without aid at 3 months, but it wasn't a smooth rolling walk. I'm still working on it. Stairs are finally just becoming fluid instead of jerkily lurching down them (up is ok).

I'm learning to walk again. The thing is, you compensate by walking differently and favoring areas. Work the painful stuff.

Sounds like you're doing well. Keep up the good work!
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Great news! I'm hoping to have similar success with my ACL reconstruction, but it won't happen in 8 weeks unfortunately.

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