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Bear Hollow in Park City

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We are looking at a house to rent in Park City for spring break in Bear Hollow village. any thoughts whether good or bad?
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I don't quite understand your question, but I would say our stay near Park City was nothing less than outstanding. We shopped and ate dinner each night in Park City and the people were very friendly and helpful and we didn't have a bad meal the whole week.

Don't know much about Bear Hollow?? Seems to me Bear Hollow was an area where the Cross Country ski event took place in the '02 Olympics??

I really want to go back to P.C. next year. World class!!
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Bear Hollow is ok if you have a car. If you are taking the bus it can be a fairly long ride and walk to the stop. It is close to the junction which has some great restaurants but is about a 8 minute drive to old town. Not too bad. If you are taking the bus it comes by every half hour and if you are heading that direction from the canyons it will be a very crowded ride.

With car is good, without is not so good.
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We are 2 families looking to rent large house.We will have cars. One of wives doesn't ski and will therefore be spending a lot of time in house. I'm not too picky about my lodging, but I some people are. Just wondering how the neighborhood looked. Things like do you hear traffic noise, does it feel rural at all. I know the location and that it will require drive to Old Town and ski areas. I've been to Park City many times and am familiar with area, but never looked at Bear Hollow. I just don't want the non skier to be stuck in a sucky area.
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Just wondering how the neighborhood looked. -Like a masterplanned development, very uniform, houses are extremely close together, kind of sterile but still pretty.

Things like do you hear traffic noise,- Yes. It is directly off 224 which isn't too bad but you may hear it and probably see the road from your deck, which also isn't too bad but you don't feel isolated.

does it feel rural at all.- Kind of but not really. There is open space across 224 and to the north of the development but you have the junction in plain site and olympic park behind you, and 224 directly in front of you. The open space in front of you is great and keeps the feeling open. You won't feel like you are in a rural area at all unless you currently live in Brooklyn or some other high density urban pile of crap, then you will feel like you are in the middle of BFE ,but even SLC will make you feel like you are in BFE.
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Thanks. That helps.The non skiing wife is also looking at some place that is in or around old town. Naturally, it's much more expensive. The landlord of that place told her it took 20 minutes to get from Bear Hollow to Old Town. That is so obviously wrong, it makes me a bit suspicious. Last winter I drove from Old Town all the way to the airport in less than 35 minutes. Old Town is charming of course, but how many times can you walk down Main Street? It's also closer to Town Lift, but assuming we intend to ski all over, including Cottonwood Canyons and Snowbasin, it's nice to be closer to the freeway. I know this is like I'm responding to my own post, but I'm just thinking out loud. Thanks for insight on Bear Hollow.
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"how many times can you walk down Main Street?"

If they're like the typical "non-skiing wife" it's probably more runs than a skier can make in a day! You can probably find a place in town (not downtown) that may be on a more frequent bus route and feel like it's more a part of the Park City scene and not out on the highway.

There are some condos near PCMR that are maybe one bus stop from the ski hill but the bus stop at PCMR is only a short walk in street shoes and the buses serve downtown several times an hour. Prices are cheaper than Main Street.

You're right it's not a twenty minute drive but downtown parking is so tight it may be twenty minutes door to door.

I do not think there is a problem with Bear Hollow but if she likes to wander around Main Street or meet the group for lunch it may not be your best bet. Unless you have boarders in your group, make sure the non-skier meets the group for lunch at Deer Valley for lunch a day or two. The food's great, there is some shopping and it's easy to get to for the skiers.

It will be hard to find a large / two family unit with a lot of square feet near the town lift. That's VALUABLE real estate.
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The landlord is lying. 20 minutes door to door during sundance maybe.

It really isn't a bad place, just kind of isolated for PC.
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Three Kings is a nice place to stay and close to town and bus routes. We stayed in a bronze unit, which was clean but not updated. The Silver and Gold units are nicer.
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Meeting for lunch will be good. Deer Valley easy to drive to and meet at main lodge. Also, Park City is easy to ski down to and meet. Maybe I can convince her that if she's ever going to ski. Deer Valley is the place. She has actually skiied in past, but decided 2 years ago that she's too old, beat up, etc. Deer Valley might get her back.
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Bear Hollow

We rented a condo in BearHollow from Christmas day 2005 to New Years day 2006. 7 of us (2 Families). There was an additional basement bed/bath and we invited friends on their way to JHole to stop in.

It worked great; they skied with us for 3 days and had mucho room at the unit. They had both skied LCC ( Alta, bird) more than 70x and they really were like guides for us. We got to spots we would have never found on our own.

Location outside of town, yes, but right in Kimball Junction made getting to Alta, Solitude, etc very easy. old town was a pleasant 10 minute drive.

Our deck had a 8 man jaccuzzi with views of Deer Valley and PCMR. When soakin in the tub at night the lighted slopes of PCMR were a great backdrop.

Geat spot, great location if you want to do more than ski PC proper. imho
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Originally Posted by Gotama View Post

Our deck had a 8 man jaccuzzi
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On an interesting side note:

The sign I pass on SR-248 from my house in PC to SLC for work has an advertisement for the sales price of homes in the Bear Hollow development. During the Olympics it read "In the 300's". Then, it steadily increased to "in the 500's" up to last year. No it reads "In the 300's" again. Could be a decent buying opportunity if you time it right. A word of caution: PC's construction continues on unabated, and homes/condos in the outlying areas seem to multiply at an alarming rate. Places like Bear Hollow are probably affected by this, as newer stuff comes on the market weekly.
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in the 300k ? range is that a studio?
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