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A Fantasy Come True...

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An elderly gentleman we know made us laugh as he told us this story.. he really had us going til the end, when he realized he was pulling a fast one on us:

I went clubbing last night.

Met a lady a couple of years younger than me, maybe 70ish, but still very attractive.

We laughed and talked and drank.

We drank and talked and laughed some more.

Then she asked me a question just about every man has fantasized about: she asked if I had ever indulged in a mother and daughter threesome! When I recovered my wits and replied "no", she said this was my lucky night.

Wow! It was one of those dreams come true!

I drove her back to her house, and she unlocked the door and led me inside. My heart was pounding. Then she shouted up the stairs, "Mom, are you still awake?"
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