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Mick Jagger goes to a party at the Playboy mansion. After mingling with the beautiful people for awhile he finds himself in a small room with Hef and Dennis Weaver. Dennis has had a bit too much to drink and he starts voicing his opinions on the shallow nature of most people drawn to these parties. Hef takes the opposite side of the debate and things start to escalate. Before long Mr. Weaver is insulting some of Mr. Hefner's best friends and civility vacates the two of them. Dennis takes the first swing and that's all Hef needs. Hef jumps on him, wrestles him to the floor and starts pummeling him about the face and head. Soon tufts of thinning hair are all around and the blood starts to flow and Mick starts to think that if he doesn't intervene this might turn into a crime scene. He summons up his courage and forcefully insinuates himself between the combatants. That's when he screams out the famous words......

Hey, hey Hugh, Hugh, get off of McCloud!