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July Skiing in Yosemite???

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Headed out to California for a week or so with the family, and may have a couple extra days in/around Yosemite to sneak around. I was wondering if there was any snowpack left out there that i could crank a couple turns out on. Will be out there the 9th-16th of July. It doesnt have to be in Yosemite, but fairly close. Any info is helpfull.

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Honestly I'm not sure how this years snow pack is. I've heard that its fading pretty quickly. But for location, that I can help you with. Your best bet is probably just outside the Northeast gate of the park. Just before you drop down the grade to 395. There is a lake there called Ellery. The bowl just across the dam is called "Ellery Bowl", and it is worth looking at.I don't know how the snow will be, or if it will be more than rocks and ice, but as far as I know it should still be holding snow then, and it is probably your best bet. A lot of the guys here ski that area regularly, so they can probably give you the specifics. I hope that helps. Matt
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Ellery Bowl is way done. This year was really short in the snow dept. The only things maybe worth skiing around there are Dana Couloir, just behind Ellery, or the glaciers around Mt. Conness or North Peak's snow couloirs. I hiked up to the Dana Glacier yesterday, and the Couloir looked ok. The bergshrund was small, and there was still quite a bit or snow over the ice. The hike in is about 2 hours to snow, up the Dana Lakes/Glacier Canyon trail, and the Couloir is listed at 40 degrees, but seems much more moderate. The Conness/North Peak area can be reached by taking the water shuttle across Saddlebag Lake.
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