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Beyond Clothing goes live

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Beyond Fleece, now Beyond Clothing, revamped their site and added to their custom outdoor clothing line

Beyond Clothing.com launches a full line of Custom Clothing

Seattle, Washington - May 15, 2007 - Beyond Clothing announced today that it has expanded its line of custom outdoor and tactical clothing. Beyond is now custom creating a line of long underwear, called the Base Line, and a full line of custom fit Primaloft jackets and pants.

Over last decade Beyond has made custom cold weather clothing available to everyone. Now by offering a diverse choice of all needed layers, Beyond has essentially revolutionized the outdoor clothing industry. "We are proud to be the first company to create a full line of custom clothing", mentioned Scott Jones, owner and founder, at a recent meeting.

For Tactical users the Advantage BDU Pant has been enhanced with new options, and the Law Enforcement line has increased to include the Cold Fusion LE jacket. All products continue to be custom made in America with the most advanced fabrics and the highest quality.

Customization was recently enhanced with the launch of BeyondClothing.com; a new site with enhanced interactivity. BeyondFleece.com and BeyondTactical.com merged into the new site to allow for an easier choice between the new diverse lines.

For more information contact:
Scott Jones directly at:

Beyond Clothing custom creates, high end cold weather clothing. For over 10 years, Beyond has been proud to be the leader in creating your perfect fleece, or soft shell. In 2007 Beyond is launching BeyondClothing.com with an enhanced line of clothing, enhanced customizations, and new options never before offered.
In December, I finally ordered a pair of softshell pants (Cold Fusion) to complement my softshell jacket. I'll never go back to shell pants or jacket for everyday use for resort skiing or off-piste tours, backpacking, etc. Up to torrential downpours, very wet snows and high winds the softshells are the ticket. Since you can customize fit, pockets and zippers how and where you want them (and my wife says they don't make my butt look fat ), I'll be ordering stuff from Beyond Clothing again. One nice option is that a bicycle jersey pocket can be included on the back of jackets. I find having more pockets is easier than lugging a pack as long as they don't get over loaded.

Check 'em out.
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I hadn't heard of them before, just went to the site and it looks great. I've been wanting something custom fit to put an end to constant fit issues- if it's small enough in the waist, it's too small in the chest and hips; if it's big enough in the chest and hips, it's too big in the waist, etc.

One thing though, I saw a women's softshell jacket but didn't notice any women's softshell pants. Did I just miss them, or did they not get to it yet?
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I'll bet since they had a deadline to launch today, some things didn't get completed. The old site had both women's and men's sections/options for everything. I think they won't be starting any new production until June 1st. You might order a catalog and/or contact Scott. IMO it's excellent quality and the two weeks turnaround for custom stuff is a great option for consumers.

I tried logging into my account. That isn't working yet either. Once it does though, I think you can set up an account and store your measurements.
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Mr. Stubbie Legs, (me) will be ordering some of these pants. Thanks for the heads-up. Hope my butt dosen't look big either.
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Follow up

Standing on a peak yesterday with heavy winds and cold temps with my Beyond Cold Fusion pants on in total comfort (highly recommended), reminded me to post some questions I received some answers to:

1) Are all the clothing Unisex or will you separate the site and options by gender? It's not clear on the site. Currently, the Women's Cold Fusion jacket is the only apparent women's only option.

We are working on adding back the women's items, yet as is custom, much of our product line is unisex. We will probably only add the Cold Blooded as these two items were the most popular.

2) Previously, there was a bike jersey pocket option for some of the soft shells. Is this no longer an option?

Not at this time. We have created a new production line, and several options proved to be troublesome, right out of the gate. The Jersey pocket was one of them.

3) For some reason, I thought that customers could set up an account and input their measurements for storage. I assume it's best to do it by order, but auto-filling using stored measurements seems like it'd be a nice site feature and avoid re-input typos.

We haven't ever had this as an option. There are many benefits, yet many difficulties at the same time. We found it easier, (with multiple people purchasing on the same account) to allow folks to review their past orders any time and use the same measurements or change as needed.

4) I assume not all of your products are shown yet. Will you be offering shorts and zip off shorts (convertible pants to shorts)?

These are now available.

5) The material matrix you had previously was nice to have to see a quick comparison of materials. Will that be re-implemented?

yes. With the new fabrics it has become complex and difficult to view. A new format is being developed.

6) Is your current catalog and future one be available in PDF?

We have not had a chance to update the catalog since the Black Cover catalog as the web is our main focus. We recently uploaded a PDF version can can be found here, at the bottom right of the screen.

Additionally, they offer group discounts (an EpicSki group buy??) of non-custom sizing and you can get logos embroidered onto the clothing if you'd like.
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I'm selling a Beyond Cold Fusion Jkt on ebay right now.  Less than a day left and it's at $20.  It is item#170306001349.  I like the jacket, just trying to clear out the closet. 

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