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Parents who don't dress there kids for winter & then take them on runs that are beyond the ability of both parent and kid. It's not fun seeing cold scared kids who will always remember skiing as a miserable thing to do.

People who feel they don't need a lesson, you just point your skis down the hill and leave bodies in your wake.

Instructors who delight in showing you how bad of a skiier you really are. (There's a place in heaven however for those who show you how good you really are)

People who don't tell Ski Patrol that there's an injured person, when they said they would.

Small number of ladies rooms
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A few off the top of my head, but I know I'll think of more (in addition to the already lengthy list compiled in this post):

1) paying Manhattan-type prices for food that is barely edible
2) people who don't have a clue how to carry their equipment at the base lodge(another good reason to wear a helmet)
3) long lift rides w/out a footrest
4) lift stopping, and being stuck in a chair in the most exposed location (usually 30' from the unloading station or just after clearing a windbreak)
5) dudes in one-piece anythings (but especially Bogners)
6) bad attitudes on the slope/line/lodge (the kind of people you want to ask: "were you born an a$$hole, or did you have to practice a lot?")
7) cell phones on the lift
8) anyone who steps on or tramples my skis
9) people who knock over others' skis in the racks, and leave them there
10) drunks on the slopes (I'm all for a beer at lunch, or many more when I'm done, but looking out for SWI nuts is not my idea of fun)
11) people who won't fully load a chair, because they want to go up w/ their friends (as 200+ people have to wait behind them as half-full chairs ascend)
12) slushy snow

Other than that, I'm pretty much golden as long as I'm on the slopes. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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My pet peeves:
1. Only getting to ski 10 to 15 times per year.
2. People who ski onto the tails of your skis in the lift line. I know that they're going to get scratched anyway, but it's just rude and demonstrates a lack of consideration for others. How do you know whether the guy in front of you in line babies his boards or not.
3. People who complain about the conditions. You generally can't do much about it anyway. Look at it as an opportunity to learn and improve. I was playing golf one day a few years ago with an old-timer. On a par 5 I hit my second shot onto the green, but it rolled through the green, off the back, and into some deep rough. Of course I couldn't see this from where I hit the shot, so as I walked to the green I was thinking eagle. When I got to the green I saw what had happened and slammed my club down in disgust. The old guy asked me why I was so upset, as if it wasn't apparent to him. He told me if you're not playing for money or a title, who cares what your score is; you know whether or not you played well. He said look at each shot as a new challenge (as in "gee, I've never hit a six iron fade out of the rough, under a limb and over a pond before; I think I'll give it a shot"). I proceeded to chip in for eagle and shot 73. The old guy, age 79, shot a cool 70, and changed my outlook on recreational sports.
4. When "celebrities" discover a ski resort and permanently ruin it for everyone else. Aspen was great in the sixties, before the beautiful crowd found it. Telluride is just about done. Who knows where they'll ruin next.
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First and foremost, STUPID (or inconsiderate) PEOPLE! Whether the type that stand in front of doorways and chat, or congregate in choke points or blind spots on the slopes. Pretty broad category but then there are lots of ways to be stupid.

Next is the boarders who will side slip and scrape the snow off a whole run just to get to one jump. If you can't ski it or at least atempt to ski it, don't ruin it for the rest of us.

Finally is the Ski Patroller that are cutting long lines just to get more skiing in. No problem if they are responding to something, or have a specific task. It is a crime if they are just out on the mountain patrolling, and its a capital crime on powder days.

I also don't like skiing in the rain, it is jsut plain depressing.

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Originally posted by Chester:
Finally is the Ski Patroller that are cutting long lines just to get more skiing in. No problem if they are responding to something, or have a specific task. It is a crime if they are just out on the mountain patrolling, and its a capital crime on powder days.

I agree with most every peeve mentioned here to some degree or another, but this one I take exception to. Folks who work in the ski industry are generally not in it for the $$$, and I believe they should take advantage of every little perk that they can.

Ski patrol is a rough job, with very little rewards, and even less respect from the skiing public. Let 'em in.

Now those little brats in ski school...
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I don't disagree with you that alot of patrollers do work hard and get very little compensation, but on a couple of the areas I grew up on, it was the exception. I just don't see the benefit in the patrollers skiing in packs of 3 or 4 hitting all the hidden stashes or the best bump lines, when mumerous hazards go unmarked on the other 85% of the mountain. I might just be holding a grudge becasue it was usually me makring those hazards on my one hour of skiing during lunch break (I couldn't cut lines even then).

By the way both of my parents were patrollers for years, so I know the pros and cons, and thier responsibilities.

Just my opinion, and probably with too small of a sample size to matter anyway.

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Thought of a few more ... (I'm enjoying this thread hehehe)

Ice on the seat of the chair, or when the lifties are being lazy and don't sweep the snow off.

Footrests that have no plastic or rubber cover on them, so it's metal to metal contact with your edges. Grrrr.

People who park and leave their cars in the skier loading/unloading zone.
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My list of peeves:

- Skiers/boarders that sideslip down steep terrain making it icy for those that actually possess the skills to negotiate that run.

- Resorts that close with plenty of coverage on the slopes

- Skiers that have no business being on a bump run that are there anyways causing nasty NASTY ruts that everyone else is forced to follow.

- People that after being told not to sit down on the T-bar, do so anyway. :

- Arrogant patrollers/lifties/instructors. (everyone is here to have a good time, what's with the attitude? : )

- Resorts that have TOO MUCH uphill capacity. There may be no minimal lines at the bottom, but it's gets to be a real ruckus trying to pick your time/spot to start out. (I found Tremblant to be *especially* bad for this)

- US resorts that don't accept Canadian money at par. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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- Lift closures during blizzards.

- Flat light (especially on bump runs).

- Ice.

- Anyone out of control who gets within 10 yards of my kids.

- Foul language in lift lines(thanks - my 8 year old now knows that word!).

As for my riding friends:

- Board meetings in the middle of a slope.

- Trying to carry their speed into the lift line.

- Trying to ride in the bumps (except for a talented few).

- Not being able to carve (though more and more can).
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Mean parents : who treat their children poorly, not just on the ski hill.
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