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Biggest Skiing Peeve?

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I'm curious what most feel is the most annoying thing about a typical ski day.

I'm usually so into the day that I don't let the little things bring me down, but occasionally they gang up on me and start to infringe upon my enjoyment.

Here are a few of mine;

Drunks on skis- I love a cold pint as much as anyone (well, 'cept Fox I guess) but keep it in the lodge. Getting hammered then hitting the diamonds is not real wise for anyone. This is one of the main reasons to avoid Huntah.

Disinterested/Arrogant Instructors- Fortunately, I've been pretty lucky. But I've definitely gotten hosed more than once by someone just punching a clock or wishing they were somewhere else.

People who slap on skis for the first time and just "give it a whirl!". I watched a teenage girl 2 yrs. ago who panicked when she got some speed, laid them straight, and just hurtled down the trail. She hit the lift line at about 40 mph and took out 3 people. One had a mild concussion and a ruined day. I've got no time or tolerance for that type of nonsense.

These are a few that come to mind, anyone else? :
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People who stop to have a conversation in any doorway leading to the ladies room.
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...having instructors cut in front of me at a lift line only to stand around at the top, "teaching" their group and blocking traffic.

That's downright askin' to get hit with snowballs!

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snowboarders that stop in the middle of a trail, snowboarders that stop at the top of lift to do up their bindings blocking any avenue to pass them, and snowboarders that stop to undo their bindings and block any entrance to a liftline.

Hell snowboarders outright get me peeved
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Having a lift break down for a long period of time with me on it.
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I have 2:
Snowboard wasteland- where all of the boarders sit lined up across the top of the trail blocking all possible routes adjusting their bindings, chatting and boasting. (NOT ALL SNOWBAORDERS DO THIS, BUT THE ONES THAT DO ARE ANNOYING)



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I agree with FLI................Snowboarders.
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getting hurt in stupid falls, breaking things, bruising, expensive beer, bad beer, warm beer, running out of beer, flat beer ...
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I don't like it when they turn off the lifts at the end of the day. Beyond that, skiing is something to enjoy, not something to get upset about.
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Ya know the problem with snow boarders... :

99% of them give the rest a bad name.
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Forgot this one:

NOT SKIING!!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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One thing that kills me is to see a kid, about four or five years old, getting dragged down a black diamond against their wishes by their parent (almost always their father) who is yelling at them to ski faster. By far the worst thing I had to see is a kid this age getting hailed off a black diamond in a meatwagon at about 9:30 am.

Oh yeah... snowboarders too.
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skiers who hate snowboarders

ski instructors

edit: I have a limited supply of tissues for all of those crying about things they hate.

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I will concede that I have friends who are good snowboarders and ride courteously and safely. I also admire a skilled snowboarder carving down the slopes. There are good snowboarders (the 1% MammothCruzer mentions) who are nobody's peve. There also are little sh*t teenage snowboarders who sit smoking on the edge of the pipe and throw their butts on the slopes. There are the snoeboarders FLI335 and skierteach mention who clog up the slopes. There are the snowboarders like the one I read about in Ski or Skiing magazine who crashed into a skiier and broke 3 of his ribs. There are the inconsiderate a**hole snowboarders who ride over your tips or who hit your elbow as they pass you on the slopes. I've been convinced that ski poles are really for fending off snowboarders on the slopes. While there are dumbsh*t skiiers who crash into each other etc, my own experiences are that snowboarders typically the more inconsiderate people out there. I guess my peeve, then, is with inconsiderate skiiers and snowboarders, in whatever ratio I find them on the slopes...
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My biggest bitch, getting up early, driving to a ski area, getting there at least a 1/2 hour or more before lifts turn, having to wait in an endless line as the lifts open and missing first tracks all because the area is so cheap they only have 1 person selling lift tickets.
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Judgmental skiers who pay too much attention to others on the mountain...
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Being asked to pay full price with half the lifts open.
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1) Bad food overly priced.

2) Resort parking
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Going in for lunch on a busy day, spotting what appears to be just a couple of free seats, but then finding some porcupine who never skied, with a paperback and slippers on who put a few old gloves on four or five seats, and tells you "Uh-uh, these seats are saved..." Apparently hers for the day so her kids can come and go as they please. :

Bada-bing. Out the window, dollface. Eviction time. Don't forget your curly fries...

Nothing else bothers me...(at the moment ).
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Why is it that people, in any ski lodge, tend to stop and gather in front of doors, stairways, or just blocking any passage you have to pass through, seemingly oblivious to anything? I've never understood this. Its almost as though donning ski gear induces a sort of stupefaction not normally seen among what are, presumably, normal people.

Admittedly a pretty minor beef, as I would prefer to be outside myself, if I could only get to the door!
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since I've been ornery and out of sorts lately....

1. Knotheads that obliviosly camp out below cat tracks, rollovers, drops etc. and are indignant when told to move for their own good and my safety.

2. People intentionally in terrain over their heads, traversing side to side at two mph. Put 3 or 4 of them on the same slope and yer fun factor drops severly. When they fall they tend to take forever to get up, clear their gear and get going. At least you know the area they will stay in for a few minutes. 1 and 2 are often combined.

3. People whining about conditions. Before the ridiculous emphasis on grooming came about, much of the challenge of riding was adapting to whatever the slopes and Momma Nature threw at you. If you couldn't ski it well you went up and did it over and over til you could, or you didn't ski. Then you went on to the next challenge. Some conditions do suck, but many times they hold the biggest potential lessons. Ya don't have to ski it, just quit whining about it.

4. Instructors with low skills that consider themselves gifts from god because they're "instructors". Reality check, it's the content not the title that matters.

5. Shop employees that assume they know far more than you do, including what you want or need, and are willing to argue with you even when it becomes clear they've made some incorrect assumptions about your experiance and background. " three degrees of side bevel?? you'll ruin your new Atomics!! only racers can use that sort of thing." Aaaarghh. That said, I have also met many techs that could teach college classes in ski maitenence and repair.

6. Skiers or boarders that hate each other for no good reason other than what you slide down the hill on. It's the driver, not the vehicle, my experiance has included idiots from both camps and I refuse to generalize in order to feel "superior" about something.

7. Oh yeah, not getting out west TWO YEARS in a row because of unpredictable work schedules, this one takes the cake, almost makes me vomit when I type and read it. Won't happen this year...promise!

Hope all of you have a great summer and don't dwell on your peeves.

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Minor peeves --

1-overhyped condition reports and trail counts. I enjoy skiing a lot of conditions, but I still trip on euphemisms and hyperbole ...

2-shy people on liftlines who won't sit with strangers. The bigger the line, the bigger the peeve.

On the second point, I'm sort of new to this but shouldn't everyone just move onto the first free seat, without waiting for formal introductions? Lines would move twice as fast if people would just get ON them instead of waiting for their solitary moment of bliss. Am I missing something here?
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I'm with you. The only times I wouldn't encroach on someones private chair ride are;

When the guy/gal is big and fat and its a double chair.

When the lines are small to nonexistent and the guy/gal is groovin to tunes or seems otherwise in their own world.

When the guy/gal is obviously deranged/frothing at the mouth, (happened once, I love NY).

Otherwise, the more the merrier, let's keep things movin along. 8 hours is a short span, gotta pack in some runs.
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Stupid people. I don't care what they're blocking, what they're riding, what they hit, stupid people piss me off. That being said, I also hate the prices. It's ridiculous. For everything. Food, lift tickets, even the shops are more expensive.

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It doesn't bother me greatly, but I sometimes remind skiers, but especially snowboarders, to read the large signs at the door which state 'NO SKIS OR SNOWBOARDS IN THE LODGE' as the lug their snowladen equipment inside dripping all over and lean it next to them at the table. I have even seen some baorders hold onto their board while in the lunch line.

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It seems like it's always the snowboarders that feel the need to have their stuff with them no matter where they are. I've always had the belief that real skiers don't steal from other skiers. Maybe that code of ethics isn't as prevalent in the snowboarding culture yet.
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The problem is that there are people other than "real" skiers around, even at places where you wouldn't think they would be like mid-mountain and top-of-the-mountain restaurants.

Tom / PM
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Originally posted by PhysicsMan:
The problem is that there are people other than "real" skiers around, even at places where you wouldn't think they would be like mid-mountain and top-of-the-mountain restaurants.

Tom / PM
I once asked a patroller at a mountain that shall remain nameless the following question:

"Where is the lost and found? I seem to have misplaced my brand new Marmot Randonnee gloves."

His response:

"The WHOLE mountain."

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I am not a big fan of people (skiiers ans boarders) who stop at inappropriate places on the mountain. Stopping below a drop or anywhere where you can not be seen from above obviously puts you and other skiiers at risk of injury. Young boarders sitting in a line on the slope to watch each other also are putting themselves and all other skiiers at risk.

An earlier post reminded me of another peeve - inexperienced skiiers who are not yet ready to leave the bunny hill that come down the mountain at full speed and crash into the lift line to stop. I wish I could go a season without seeing this again.
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Your reply reminded me of possibly my worst peeve, someone who would steal another slider's gear.

That's gotta be the worst kind of scumbag.
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