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Help With Boot Fit

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Hi All,

I'm trying to get the sizing right on a pair of Alpine boots.

Me: 6'0" 185 lbs., Brannock measurements: left unweighted 28.0, left weighted 28.25; right unweighted 28.25, right weighted 28.50. Street shoe size is between 10.5 and 11 U.S.

Through a lot of trial and error, I was able to zero in the Garmont Mega-Ride boots in 28.0 (320mm sole length) as my boots for an AT setup.

I was looking for a dedicated pair of downhill alpine boots to use for resort skiing and last week I demoed the Dalbello Krypton Rampage in a 28.5. The boot fit was absolutely great, and I really enjoyed skiing on those boots, much better than using my AT boots at the resort. I decided to go to the ski shop and found that they were selling that boot new for $250, half off of retail, and they had a 28.5. I tried on the boot and it fit perfectly (with just my thin liner socks on), just like the demo model. However, I assumed the demo model was already packed out from a season's use, and I was a bit concerned that the new boots would pack out even more. I have not molded the boots, nor have I put in a custom insole, and the salesman indicated that the insoles would take up some volume (I always thought they did the opposite, by shortening the length of your foot with support). The salesman also said the size 28.0 boot in the Rampage uses the same shell size as the 28.5. I wound up purchasing the boots despite my concerns.

Anyway, at home, I finally checked the shell fit on the boots. I can fit two fingers (index and middle) stacked on top of each other between my heel and the heel pocket, with toes just barely feeling the front of the shell. I tried to measure the length of this space and it looks like it is around 30-32 mm. I also checked on the boot sole length on the Rampage boots and it is 326 mm, 6 mm longer than my Mega Ride boots.

My question to you is whether this is too much space. I am not looking for a fit where I have to unbuckle for the ride up; too extreme for me, but I don't want to lose more performance than I have to in order to have happy feet. I am willing to suffer some short term, tolerable pain to dial in fit, but not too much, as I can only see myself skiing about 15-16 days a year, so I do not have a ton of time to work on dialing the boots in.

I can return the boots, but they don't have the next shell size down available. I can, however, find them elsewhere, for a little more money.

I thank you in advance for any suggestions or ideas you can provide.


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O.K., let me ask this another way. Are there any of you who size down a full shell size from your Brannock measurement and get a fit that is somewhat comfortable (after any mods and having the liner pack out some)?
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return them
20-30mm is to big for a shell fir for ANYONE
you need the next size down. the wrong boot at a deal is STILL the wrong boot.

I measure a 27 and fit a 25 with 10mm shell fit
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Thanks Mtnlion. I appreciate the advice.
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If you are over a finger and a half with your toes touching the front of the boot, the boot is on the big size and only gets bigger with wear. Get the 28, you can always make it bigger if you have to.
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Ray you were doing alright at first, then..."get the 28..." DOH (Homer voice)

28 and 28.5 are the same thing. He needs a 27/ 27.5 (again, they are both the same size) or a 26/ 26.5 if he has a 3cm gap and wants performance.
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Many thanks to mtnlion, ray, and whiteroom for your replies and advice. I've ordered the smaller size (27.5) and will shell fit those and take it from there.


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A shout out to mntliion, Ray, and Whiteroom. Thanks again for the advice.

The 27.5's just came in and, although it is going to take getting used to the tighter fit, I'm convinced this size is going to work out great. Shell fit turned out to be just a little larger than one finger space behind the heel, probably 1.50-1.75 cm space.
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your welcome, but next time get a 26 shell
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I am a 27.5 on the measurement but I ski in a 26 - funnily enough I am in Krypton Cross IDs - similar in most respects to the Rampage. You definitely need the next size down. Krypton shells are properly thick so any good boot fitter has heaps of room to grind
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