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2008 Gear

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I've been looking all over the internet and around shops to look at next years skis... hehe... I really can't wait until next season comes around...

Here are some sites which have pictures/info on some of next years skis!!

Ski-Depot's 2008 Skis

Lots of next year's twin-tips & big mountain skis

And more of next years twin tips & big mountain!!

Armada 2008

Atomic 2008

Movement 2008

Rossignol 2008

Salomon 2008

Volkl 2008

Anyone else have 2008 skis or ski gear/equipment? Post it here!!!
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Great insight there,makes you want to head south....
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Man, I don't know how I'll make it through this summer.

I don't wanna wait 'til November, October at the least...
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The fischer dukes are pretty much my dream ski. A pow day only ski for skiing really fast, nice and long, and fat, but not uber fat. Granted, I'll probably spend less than ten days on em a year, but no one is making something like this. I'm psyched. I'm hoping they're on the stiff side, but not stiff enough that they won't flex in soft snow, and with a nice medium soft shovel.

My only concern is if I'll actually be able to get a pair. I've heard they are limited release type stuff, which will probably mean expensive as well as rare. I'm banking on the fact that a 207cm ski will scare people, and not very many will actually want one. I'm starting saving now though, I doubt they'll be cheap.
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Wow! Those look sexy.

Do you have any of the dimensions?

A nice pair of skis for pow-pow is definately something I'm lacking.

And I think I've got more than enough twin-tips/newschool skis.

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Originally Posted by DJDaveX View Post
Wow! Those look sexy.

Do you have any of the dimensions?

They are 207cm long, but I'm guessing they will probably ski just a bit shorter due to that weird tail, but I'm sure they'll still feel like a long ski. I have heard that they are 150/121/140, which sounds great. For a ski like this, I think a 121 waist will provide as much float as you could ever need, especially since these are meant for going fast, anything more would be overkill. Sounds like enough sidecut to make em manageable, but not enough to make em hooky. Basically, I can't stop daydreaming about them.

And yes, the fact that they have that great minimalistic look to them isn't helping anything either.
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