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Possible Mechanical Failure of Binding?

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Hello All!

Hope you are well. I've been reading this brilliant forum for a few weeks now and there is tremendous wealth and depth of information which I'm having fun absorbing !!

Let me introduce myself to this forum. I'm Korn. I've been skiing for three seasons, mainly in Europe, and have steadily progressed from snow ploughs to parallel turns. After taking loads of lessons, developing and perfecting my skiing abilities, I can say that I can comfortably tackle most runs - slowly and safely. Not developed that psycho-ability yet !!

I purchased my own skis and boots (Head with Tyrolia Bindings) in my second season as I felt that skiing was something I really like. The DINs were set to 7/7 on both skis by the vendors. Having my own skis also gave me confidence that they were 'customised' to me (slight naivety.

My first visit/holiday, with my new skis, I fell a few times during the holiday. I put this down to me getting used to the skis and boots. The second visit/holiday out, I had a nasty fall and the skis didn't detach :. The skiing instructor looked at the skis (was doing a lesson at the time) and said that my "bindings were wrong" (in his strong french accent). They were 7/4 on both skis!! He recommended that I have them changed before the lesson tomorrow. That evening I had them changed (weight, height, skiing ability, etc) to 5/5. Went out the following day and skied okay. I fell once (on a red run) and the skis came off easily. Went out on the third day, and caught an edge on a flat blue run and went ass over tit. Skis didn't come off :.

Had to be stretchered off the piste by a gorgeous blonde girl . The skis were taken by the ski patrol (they take it as a deposit if you don't pay their rescue fees).

When I got the skis back from the ski patrol (3days later), the DIN settings on the skis were 7/4 and 7/4.5 :!!!

Showed this to the others in the camp and they couldn't believe it. Nor did the Ski Technician who made the adjustment. Asked the Ski Patrol whether they changed it and they laughed at me whilst pointed to the 000's of skis behind them.

How can the bindings alter themselves from 7/7 to 7/4 after one season?
Then when they were corrected in season 2, changed from 5/5 to 7/4 (and 7/4.5)?
It seems the bindings want to return back to a setting of 7.4. Is this mechanically possible?
Can a test be done?

Sorry for the lengthy post. I would greatly appreciate your wisdom in what you think of what I have stated above. Any further questions, let me know.
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Sounds like your bindings are haunted.
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Sounds like they mixed up your skis. I would still keep an eye on the binding settings though.

Bindings will only come off if you torque or force the boot/ski interface in particular directions. It is quite possible to fall and not have your bindings come off even if they are set correctly.
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post
Sounds like your bindings are haunted.
No need to get technical on him. I laymans terms? :
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Bindings should be set equal 7/7 and no bindings do not change by themselves.:
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Originally Posted by slider View Post
Bindings should be set equal 7/7
One of the reasons that bindings are torque tested is that the window reading is only a point of reference. A bindign could show "6" in the window, but torque at a 7.

Originally Posted by slider View Post
and no bindings do not change by themselves:.
As mentioned, they could be haunted.
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Originally Posted by slider View Post
Bindings should be set equal 7/7 and no bindings do not change by themselves.:
Indeed. Both bindings should be set to 7/7, and they originally were when I purchased the skis. Now, they should remain 7/7 (+/- 0.5 allowance given) and not change significantly especially over 2 seasons of use, right?

Since no binding alterations were done after purchase and up to the second season skiing, how did the binding change from 7/7 to 7/4?

Even more complexing, is even after alteration (from 7/4 to 5/5), the bindings returned back to 7/4 and 7/4.5.



At Purchase: 7/7
Season 1: Didn't check
Season 2: 7/4, 7/4
(altered) 5/5, 5/5
(post-accident) 7/4, 7/7.4
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I am not saying this is what is happening in your case, but I have a pair of Atomic bindings and the scale marker is loose on one of them. If I turn the bindings down low and then crank them back to 6.5, my preferred setting, it looks fine. Then I can click my boot in and out a few times and the setting will be at 4. Very annoying. I can tell the tension hasn't changed, just the visible gauge.

On the other hand, that has never happened on my Tyrolia bindings.
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Sometimes a 5 is really a 7

It's possible that the little plastic tab under the window is loose or out of alignment with the window - had a pair of Markers where that happened. In which case the setting never changed, just the indicator, and you failed to release because you managed to fall twice in such a way the bindings weren't triggered. (Some around here think that's a good thing : ) OTOH, Tyrolias are better than most bindings about releasing no matter what angle.

Do this: Go to a reputable shop and have them test the release pressures (not just play with a screwdriver) while you watch. If they find your releases are what they should be for your size and ability, see if they can find a new window or tinker with the tab. (Yes, companies make replacement windows etc.) Otherwise, call Tyrolia and get them to replace your bindings free of charge...
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There is one other cause of odd or seemingly haunted bindings that change all by themselves.

Who have you been pissing off that has access to your gear?

Has "the wife" taken out any additional insurance policies on you lately?

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It is completely possible that the screws that maintain your release settings are slightly stripped out and slip when stressed. Toss the bindings!!!!

Also, do not depend on your bindings to release in a fall. There are cases where they may not!!!!
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