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How about a chat room?

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In the early days of EpicSki, we had a community chatroom. Another site which I'm active on (also powered by vBulletin) has a chatroom.

Is it possible for EpicSki to reestablish a chat room here?

Any thoughts about this?
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This is something that has been under discussion off and on for a while. Lets see what kind of interest this thread produces both pluses and minuses. Do you think it would be a good supporter benefit?

I will move this over to community.
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I would rather see it left open to all members.

After perusing what's in the Supporter Area recently, it is becoming a "why bother". The articles are old, the political stuff is over the top, and there isn't much really happening in there.

The idea of a chat room is to let everybody who wants to, have their say. (within the accepted parameters of civility...)

And just out of curiousity, if it "has been under discussion off and on for awhile", why didn't someone come out and ask the members what they think? If you guys/gals think you have an idea we might like, ask us!
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I used to go into the chatroom pretty often until they pulled it about three years ago. Unless I'm mistaken, there were about 20 regulars, at least, who used to chat and it was pretty civil. I'd like to see it back as a supporter feature.
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VSP, we talk about a lot of stuff all the time and bring ideas to the membership when we figure out that we can do it, how we'd do it, and that we can do it in a relatively short time. The chat room stuff isn't obvious in terms of how to implement it, although there are a number of technical solutions. None of them is simple to implement, so we weren't sure that we could do it at all, much less quickly.

We'll be posting a bit more about possible changes as the summer progresses, since some of us will have a bit more time to work on things. We'll certainly ask for input as we need to make choices about what to implement. But, just because implementations exist elsewhere on the web doesn't mean that we'll be able to get it done, given our possibly more limited resources (both in terms of funds and the time availability of those with expertise).
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It sounds like a nice idea. It would add another dimention to the site. It could also boost funds if being a supporter was a requirement to enter the chat room(s).

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It should definitely be a Supporters Only thing! Absolutely.
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TGR seems to use a third-party host for their chat room, and it works well. I don't think it should be a supporter benefit.
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While I like the idea of a chatroom, the biggest problem I have is that it alienates anyone who is beyond 1 or 2 time zones of most members.

So, say there is someone who is positive and enthusiastic, who lives in Colorado. If they start spending a lot of time in the chatroom, then they spend less posting on the forum, so I think some of us lose out.
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I like the idea of a chat room. I have mixed feelings about having to be a supporter though. It would exclude a lot of people. On the other hand, it may encourage more people to become supporters.

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