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BOO hiss BOO hiss BOO hissssssssss

this has exactly ZIP to do with skiing. !
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Originally Posted by Yuki View Post
Floyd also sounds like another odd sort with a long history of threats on officers and arrests. Frankly, I take back my support of Floyd. It sounds like he was reacting to "a target of opportunity", than reacting to support a downed officer.
Sounds like an accident waiting to happen. Glad I read that. With a dead police man on the ground, he still did the right thing stopping to help. But now I can't help wonder if maybe he used the opportunity to kill some one.

Re: not about skiing. This is about Bode Miller's cousin, and Bode Miller is a skier of fame. This relates to his father, his home town and aspects of his background that have been topics many times in the past.

When the Olympics were covered, his having grown up in the woods of New Hampsire were presented as part of his history. I find this event to be interesting and appropriate for off season. Although I disagree, I understand your point.
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Originally Posted by Paul Jones View Post
Although I disagree, I understand your point.
same to you.
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This is tragic all around.

I am an avid one-planker who almost went to Tamarack Tennis camp.

I'm also a former AAG who has sued and represented police officers and I really think that Officer McKay did not do the right thing, as noted on my blawg, with many people from the community signing on.


Officer McKay was not "just doing his job" because as noted in comment number 29 I believe, there was an agreement that Mr. Kenney had a right to ask for another officer, McKay knew who he was and where he lived and he was just riding him like a Georgia Mule.

Which of course does not justify what Mr. Kenney did.

And I'm still not so sure about Mr. Floyd's actions, either.

Overall, so sad, so sad, so sad.
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Not having read the NH newspapers in detail, I may not have this right, but two thoughts:

- The only source I've seen for "Kenney had a right to ask for another officer," was Bode Miller's father. That's worth about 2 cents more than meaningless.

- If it's true, what the heck? Since when does being convicted of assaulting a particular police officer give you the "right" not to be ticketed or arrested by him? From what I've read, the whole town only has three police officers. So ... if at some point in the day, McKay is the only one on duty, Kenney -- unlike the however-many residents who don't already have a criminal recored -- had the "right" to do whatever he wanted?
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Officer McKay was to be married at the top of Cannon Mountain next month.
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You're all pathetic - well, most of you.

What a sad bunch of hippy losers this forum has become over the past few years.

"Kenney had the right to ask for another officer" - yeah right, whatever the family of the loser who was convicted by a jury of assaulting the cop says, must be true. Couldn't be that the family is a bunch of white trash troublemakers. Must be a corrupt cop. Stupid jury.

Oh, several other townies heard the same thing? Must be a damn fact then.

On the other hand, You all do have the right to ask for the Pope on your next traffic stop. Problem is, nobody has to get him for you. Any law enforcement officer has the right to lock your drunken ass up before he gets there though. Surprised? Yeah, I thought so. Kenney had special rights though - since he did time for assaulting the cop - that always gets you extra privleges.

Folks that live in the woods in N.H. still believe in shooting IRS folks when they come on their property too?

All this hand-wringing over the death of a friggin' slimeball is disgusting.

Even in his own twisted mind (I'm sure you can all imagine this) if he thought the cop was going to use excessive force (sorry mace doesn't count after you just escalated a simple traffic stop by initiating a pursuit) and he was just trying to defend himself, WHAT KIND OF A MUTANT GETS IN HIS CAR AND RUNS THE GUY OVER AFTER SHOOTING HIM? Oh, yes - He was angry.

I get angry sometimes. When I'm angry though I usually just run over a few squirrels. Still got those up there last I looked.

Lets not lament the horrific death of a guy who was "possibly" just doing his job. Friggin' cop anyhow. Small town loser cop pickin' on the local hero's kin. Lets bad-mouth the guy who killed Kenny instead. (Oh my god - they've killed Kenny!).

He's a vigilante! Give me a break. You'd all just pass right by, eh? Guy shot a cop - sweet- let's go smoke some more hydro. Be a coward, drive on by, let the man with the gun go shoot somebody else's dad cause he's pissed off at life, and he's tired of redneck profiling. Tired of being stopped for speeding just because Bode missed another gate.

Couldn't be possible that the cop on the ground is still alive. No need to stop the guy from running him over a few more times. That's the way to fight a traffic ticket in hippy town. Yeah, let him hold the gun as long as he wants. You know he wouldn't possibly want to shoot a witness. If he doesn't drop it, no problem, just put down that cop's gun and tell him nice that he has to sit and wait for the other cops to come, if those cops will be OK for him to be arrested by that is.

Then while you're waiting there with the gunman, maybe you can sit in the car and read a book with your son and listen to Alice's Restaurant.

Let me point out that this place is infested with dope addicts - which would be ok, if your minds weren't all so bent because of it. I know. I saw Naked Lunch, twelve times.
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There's more going on here than we will likely ever know about.

If the cop really did previously beat up Miller's cousin and the cousin ended up on the short end of the stick, I can't see him waiting that long to kill the cop who beat him up:.

What was the history between the third party and the others.:

With the prior history, why not call for backup BEFORE you try and take him in. You knew who he was, where he lived:. Something to prove maybe:. Maybe the cousin had a reason to fear the officer?

We don't know what's going on.
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Some of the "bad blood" may have come because the last time officer McKay, along with a few other officers tried to sudue him for failing to produce a license and registration, after he started fighting them lil' Kenny dear grabbed Officer McKay by the balls and started squeezing. He was into a Police Brutality mode because the now deceased officer had the audacity to punch him whilst having his jewels ....

Sound familiar ... registration issue?

I know, I know, up here where we live free or die ....

..... "registrations? We don' need no stinkin registrations!" :

Kenny was well known to the LE's up there and prior to the initial incident the only thing McKay knew about Kenny was that he was alerted that he was one of the towns "problem children".
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Carvemeister: although I'm somewhat of a dope smoking hippy, I agree with what you said, the world is a better place without cockroaches.
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Originally Posted by bjohansson View Post
The passer-by did the most foolish thing he could have done..confront an obviously deranged person with a gun in the presence of his family. We used to say that the most effective person in any military is a person with a radio that knows how to use it. He saw what happened, had comms (cell phone I'm sure), and yet chose to put his own life and that of his son in danger? I'm trained to react to situations like this one, but would not if my family was around...probably would not even if they weren't.
Lots of people had "comms" (and used them) at VT, and 31 more people died after the first one was shot. Same at Columbine. This guy sounds a lot braver than me but I'd sure like to have him (and more like him) around if the same situation occurred around me. Sometimes calling for help and waiting around is NOT the best thing to do.
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As someone who has grown up in a small rural mountain communites my entire life I can say that this kind of chit happens more often than you might think. Matter of fact I drove thru Franconia just last Monday and did see extra NH State Trooper cars.

The only reason we have this thread is the Bode connection. Lots of theories here but no first hand knowledge of the events and why they happened. Don't believe everything you read.

Just last night on the news they showed a 93 yo man getting the snot beat out of him in the parking of some surburban mall and several people stood around and watched and did nothing, they didn't even have the guts to call 911. I have no interest in living in a place like that.

People in rural places are diferent, they get involved.
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Re: my previous thread about 'real men'.

Read these posts, and think again about 'wimp v. warrior'.

So the scoop I have is that there was NO deal that the cop could not bust the little perp. There was NO agreement that another cop would be called....there simply are no other cops available.

No matter the bad blood that supposedly existed, and my source tells me that this is largely media-created, the perp. committed murder 1, with aggravating circs., i.e. he shot a peace officer.
Evidently, the 'bad blood' was between Kenny and all the local cops, not excluding State Police.

So, you're driving along, you see a police officer lying in the road, the shooter has obviously emptied his weapon, and is busy reloading...what do you do?

The Marine, who is extensively weapon-trained, is in fact a bit of a gun-nut, read the situation, saw the availability of another weapon, which he used to attempt to stop the perp. from reloading. The killer refused to stop, and threatened Mr. Floyd, who responded correctly by shooting Kenny a sufficient number of times that he stopped moving.

What else should he have done? The cop might have been gravely injured, and by running, Mr Floyd might have cost the cop his life.
He could have sat in his vehicle, attempting to get cell-service, by which time the killer could have completed his reloading, now he had nothing to lose, he had already killed one person, who knows what he would have done.
The perp's weapon was empty, so there was not extraordinary risk in trying to apprehend him.

What would I have done? Not being as adept with guns as the Marine, I would most probably have run the perp. over with my truck!

Officer McKay was evidently a typical small town cop, loved by the community at large, but disliked by a small number of petty thugs.
It happens in every small community where the cops and the arrestees often-times went to school together.

The reaction some losers have in immediately blaming the policeman is despicable, and sooooooooooo 60's.

Sure, there are some bad cops, but small in number, I'd rather have them around than the weaselly AAG(C.King). Remember, AAGs are a dime a dozen.
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Originally Posted by JHrefugee View Post
Just last night on the news they showed a 93 yo man getting the snot beat out of him in the parking of some surburban mall and several people stood around and watched and did nothing, they didn't even have the guts to call 911. I have no interest in living in a place like that.
It is a shame the pensioner was not carrying a gun and suspicious. He could have shot the ****, though I gather they have arrested someone.

Even worse is the murder/rape case in Knoxville, Tennessee that the PC crowd are trying to hush up. In the good old days the five perpetrators would have been castrated and swinging from ropes by now.

It is just another sign of decline in the West.
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Very well written, Carvemeister!!!
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So, Mr Floyd is not a choir-boy. He got busted for marijuana possession a couple of times...how in hell does this affect anything about this event???
The facts remain, our take is all that matters.
I still feel strongly that we have a right, indeed, an obligation, to defend ourselves, and to offer aid and sustenance to others where we might reasonably do so.

As someone far wiser than I, said,

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."
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Latchigo..........I agree with you 100%. That case in Tenn. is about the worst rape/murder case I have ever heard of.
What happened to that young couple is the stuff of horror movies, and nightmares.
Yet, the NYT had a small piece buried on A18 or so, the Post has yet to cover it.

Swap the races, and it would have received wall-to-wall coverage on cable, and the normal suspects of the discrimination industry would have been in full voice.

If one were not for capital punishment, this case might sway one's thinking.
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Originally Posted by ryan View Post
this has exactly ZIP to do with skiing. !
Yup. And it goes on...
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Originally Posted by ryan View Post
this has exactly ZIP to do with skiing. !
Originally Posted by Lostboy View Post
Yup. And it goes on...
then stop posting in it

everytime you post in it you bump it to the top and give it attention

if you don't want to read it, don't open the thread
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Originally Posted by splitter View Post
then stop posting in it

everytime you post in it you bump it to the top and give it attention...
I tried that 38 posts previously.

And, yes. I'll admit to being curious to see whether the subject had managed to get back to something skiing related...
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This took place near Cannon Mt.
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Officer McKay was to have been married at the top of Cannon next month.

His funeral started from the lot of Cannon.
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